• Tmaster16

    I've been a fan of the Sonic series for quite some time, and I can honestly say 2005-2009 weren't exactly stellar (with the exception of Sonic Unleashed). When the announcement came of not only a 2D Sonic game, but a 2D Sonic game on a console (The last one being Sonic and Knuckles) I was pretty hyped. When the reviews came out, every one seemed to hate it. I went into the game with an open mind and hoped for the best. Lets break this up into categories. First, the visuals. I got this game on WiiWare and was amazed on how great the graphics were. Very bright, very smooth, and it just felt classic to me. Next, the music. The soundtrack is hit and miss with a lot of people. Most of the tracks are great in my opinion, but some just stick out …

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