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    It's really important that Sonic is wierd and the fastest thing alive, but I disagree. Sonic is SILLY and true about the fastest thing alive. People go like this: Is Sonic wierd? NOOOOOOOOOO. Is Sonic slow? NOOOOOOOOOOO. Does Sonic end at 4089? NOOOOOOOOOOOO. I would rather be in heaven in the future. Is Sonic the fastest thing alive? YES. Think about Sonic if you say one of these messages. These messages think you're a noob and don't think about fans of Sonic. Is Sonic from Disney? NOOOOOOOOOO. He's from SEEEEEEEGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Does Sonic want CHOCOLAAAAAAAAAAAATE? NOOOOOOOOO. You would rather think of Sonic. WHY DO I GET A…

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