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    sonic is fast not very tall but he is known all around the world know one

    doesn't know him but who knows the

    other intersests of sonic than runnig what about sports he likes tennis

    because there is a game of that maybe

    sega should make a game called super sonic strikers a ripp off of super

    mario strikers but nintendo has ripped

    off sega before so then it should be fine they should make that game

    because i love soccer i am on the united

    team of grain valley not going to say age group but who live there

    might know us i play stopper a.k.a i play

    half back please comment and if you know the team you should

    know the statis we have no loses!

    here is my cover i think i did a good job if you don't think

    so please tell me how you think it sucks

    I'm also working…

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  • Tornado The Hedgehog

    My cousin

    September 6, 2010 by Tornado The Hedgehog

    My cousin is on the wikia his name is User:Wind the Hedgehog you should talk to him some

    time he is very nice and my other cousin is a trader he thinks that poptropica is way more fun

    than this place this place Is so awesome here is my cool cousin's picture.

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  • Tornado The Hedgehog


    August 1, 2010 by Tornado The Hedgehog

    Ashura is one of the glitch characters that everybody want's so here it is enter level select code on options code is 19,65,9,17 then press and hold start and then press it again

    the go to the other sound test and put in debug code code is 1,9,9,2,1,1,2,4 then go emerald hill zone 1 and switch through the characters and find the invisible one and place it and you will be a big water fall place the water falls randomly next to the first hill in that level if that doesn't work go all around and just set them down but don't pass the bridge then you will change. Now at emerald hill zone 2 at the hill with the enemy coconuts guy and place a hole bunch all around there and you should be ashura.

    To get out of Ashura's awesomeness collect 50 rings b…

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  • Tornado The Hedgehog
    This is my character on his own board.

    On his hand is one of those wrist things in the game.

    This is Eric on his own board but Eric has gogles and

    Tornado doesn't because I didn't know how to make them yet but now i do.

    The green one is dark mighty on skates it's not very good but it's fine.

    you can tell the other one i made is mighty.

    Now i added Eric the Hedgehog he looks even better then the other one i made this all by my self.

    If you are wondering were i got the sprites all i did was type in the search box sonic riders sprites on bing and whent to images and statted scrolling down and i said to my self those a perfect spites so i added them as a picture a started re coloring and i didn't know they were from devint art mighty did.

    know there i…

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  • Tornado The Hedgehog

    This is my super sonic on his bored for sonic riders. The blue sonic flying is super sonic attack mode the rings get burned of 1 ring a seconed.

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