Ashura skate boards
Ashura is one of the glitch characters that everybody want's so here it is enter level select code on options code is 19,65,9,17 then press and hold start and then press it again

the go to the other sound test and put in debug code code is 1,9,9,2,1,1,2,4 then go emerald hill zone 1 and switch through the characters and find the invisible one and place it and you will be a big water fall place the water falls randomly next to the first hill in that level if that doesn't work go all around and just set them down but don't pass the bridge then you will change. Now at emerald hill zone 2 at the hill with the enemy coconuts guy and place a hole bunch all around there and you should be ashura.

To get out of Ashura's awesomeness collect 50 rings be super sonic not ashura,ashura doesn't get his own then when you come out of super sonic you will be regular sonic

here is a picture of my favoite ashura.

I made a fake ashura go's super ashuras little comic thing

if you want to see it's at my profile and a Ashura

Says picture credits to Eric and it is at About Tornado

The Hedgehog blog if you want to see it.

I just figured out how to make a redish-brownish

arshura first be come ashura the go to an edge

and almost fall but you don't and he's unbalenced

and he'll be red-brown here is a picture.

this is my favorite ashura

the second part of the comic isn't coming up so i'm go to skip it it might not make sense but oh well!

none of them are working crap!!!!