If you don't know this game look up super smash flash and the best one is the one on games14 that one will let you play full screen

here are a couple cheats for the game to skip levels right click go to setting right click again and go to forward and kept pressing it to skip levels but

does not work with target smash levels insted it changes the places of were the targets are and when you get to thee master hand just skip it

but you cannot skip the credits or you will mess it up here are character cheats.

Blue clear adventure mode with blade at leats normal dificulty

Cloud complete 100 man melee with any charter of you choise

Game and Watch complete target test with evey character but him

Inuyashu clear adventure mode with out loseing any live with any character

Crono clear 3 minute melee with any character

Jigglypuff Clear adventure with any character on any difficulty

Zero clear adventure on any difficulty with mega man without having a game over

Young Link clear classic with link on any difficulty

SUPER SONIC clear adventure with sonic on any difficulty with out geting a game over

Shadow clear adventure with Tails,Knuckles, and Sonic may have to play as tails on classic also

Naruto clear adventure with the 13 original charters

Mr. Inruedable clear classic with the 13 original characters

Mewtwo clear adventure with pikachu and jigglypuff

Luigi clear adventure with mario on at lest normal difficulty

Lloyd clear adventure with any character after having one hour of total play time

To complete the adventure and classic modes faster use the level skip code only works

for the adventure and classic modes.