sonic is fast not very tall but he is known all around the world know one

Super sonic strikers

doesn't know him but who knows the

other intersests of sonic than runnig what about sports he likes tennis

because there is a game of that maybe

sega should make a game called super sonic strikers a ripp off of super

mario strikers but nintendo has ripped

off sega before so then it should be fine they should make that game

because i love soccer i am on the united


team of grain valley not going to say age group but who live there

might know us i play stopper a.k.a i play

half back please comment and if you know the team you should

know the statis we have no loses!

here is my cover i think i did a good job if you don't think

so please tell me how you think it sucks

I'm also working on a sonic football game.