• Twilight the Wolf

    My Movie idea

    July 12, 2011 by Twilight the Wolf

    (If anyone has flash, feel free to make this movie and put it on youtube, just give me credit to the story and Kandy the Hedgehog.)

    Sonic-Last Days

    In Sonic Last Days, all of Sonic's friends (Including Kandy the Hedgehog) are a year older, and Eggman is trying to discover a way to keep himself from ever dieing, and he soon discovers that the only way to do that is to destroy the Sonic's Star System to collect a rare dust called Earth Dust, which allows one who consumes it to live as long as a planet. A now 16 Sonic hears of this and tells his friends. 9 year old Tails builds a rocket-ship with a built in house in case they fail.Everyone gets in and they go off to battle Eggman in his new Space Destoyer.

    Comment on some more ideas, and who eve…

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  • Twilight the Wolf


    June 26, 2011 by Twilight the Wolf

    Why do people hate Omochao? He only wants to help!

    He's a CHAO. Some people LOVE chao and HATE Omochao. With cheat codes, you can raise him in a chao garden, if people love Omochao(If anyone does...) they will take good care of him. If they HATE him, they abuse him and abuse him and abuse him. IT'S JUST STUPID HOW MUCH CHAO LOVERS HATE OMOCHAO!!!!

    Omochao must be loved, not abused!

    Ok...I guess it's fun to blow him up sometimes but that's not the point!

    I've heard he does say funny stuff when ya pick him up "Okay, I understand...I'll eat all my carrots now.". I don't have SA2.

    From now on I'll refer to Omochao as a girl.

    Cause you can't hit GIRLS!

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  • Twilight the Wolf

    Sonic Cards

    June 10, 2011 by Twilight the Wolf

    I'm back! My computer went down and I lost all my stuff, but I made a new series!

    Twilight the Wolf presents...


    I took some random Sonic pictures and turned them into cards you can customize in a art program or print out.

    I will make more, but I feel too lazy. Before you ask, I will only use art that SEGA or I made unless I get permisson to use it.

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  • Twilight the Wolf

    I am excepting requests for 3D art of Sonic OCs.First, link me to the pose of the character you want(Must be offical 3D art, I don't have autodesk or Gmod.). I will use photoshop elements to create 3D art. Now, I want something in exchange. A nice comment will do.

    I hope you enjoy! Comment here if you want one.

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  • Twilight the Wolf

    Hello everyone! I'm going to teach you how to make a Sonic X recolor. Stay tuned to find out how to fool your friends into thinking it's a real Sonic X thingy!

    Okay, let's start. First, grab your screenshot (Here's a good place! smack into Photoshop (Anything that has layers and a VERY large colletcion of pens will do.). Draw your character and erase all the bits you don't need but don't touch the

    Use your Magic Wand to select the parts you want to color. Now add a layer below your lineart. Start coloring!

    NOW you will know why I didn't let you erase the eyes. Make 2 new layers above the lineart. Trace the eye from the original lineart onto the highest layer. Copy the coloring from the screenshot onto the layer just below t…

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