(If anyone has flash, feel free to make this movie and put it on youtube, just give me credit to the story and Kandy the Hedgehog.)

Sonic-Last Days

In Sonic Last Days, all of Sonic's friends (Including Kandy the Hedgehog) are a year older, and Eggman is trying to discover a way to keep himself from ever dieing, and he soon discovers that the only way to do that is to destroy the Sonic's Star System to collect a rare dust called Earth Dust, which allows one who consumes it to live as long as a planet. A now 16 Sonic hears of this and tells his friends. 9 year old Tails builds a rocket-ship with a built in house in case they fail.Everyone gets in and they go off to battle Eggman in his new Space Destoyer.

Comment on some more ideas, and who ever came up with the "ideas" to have Silver and Blaze kill Tails and Shadow kill Sonic, don't you dare give me one of your BAD BAD BAD ideas. Kandy will not die either, nobody dies on this movie!!!