Sonic-Shadow Card 1

This is a "whatever" type card that you give to a identical twin. YES, I know Sonic and Shadow aren't brothers, but they look alike, aparrently.

Super Sonic Card 1

This you give to someone who helped you. I tried not to make it rhyme, but I failed.

I'm back! My computer went down and I lost all my stuff, but I made a new series!

Twilight the Wolf presents...


I took some random Sonic pictures and turned them into cards you can customize in a art program or print out.

I will make more, but I feel too lazy. Before you ask, I will only use art that SEGA or I made unless I get permisson to use it.

Sonic Card 1

First up: A Mother's Day/Valentine's Day/Whatever card. I used art from Sonic the Screensaver.