Hello everyone! I'm going to teach you how to make a Sonic X recolor. Stay tuned to find out how to fool your friends into thinking it's a real Sonic X thingy!

Step 1-Drawing and erasing

Okay, let's start. First, grab your screenshot (Here's a good place! smack into Photoshop (Anything that has layers and a VERY large colletcion of pens will do.). Draw your character and erase all the bits you don't need but don't touch the

Step 2 Coloring

Use your Magic Wand to select the parts you want to color. Now add a layer below your lineart. Start coloring!

Step 3 Eyes

NOW you will know why I didn't let you erase the eyes. Make 2 new layers above the lineart. Trace the eye from the original lineart onto the highest layer. Copy the coloring from the screenshot onto the layer just below the one with the oval. Aaand scene!
Tutorial 1 Image 5

Now you've got eyes!

Step 4 Shade and Light

You need a offical Sonic X pic for this part. NO, we are not starting over. Make 2 layers above your coloring. Choose a dark version of the colors on the normal color and paint a shadow on the lower layer. Do the same thing for the light, but use the higher layer and a brighter color instead.

Tutorial 1 Image 6

Shade and Light, DONE! Now, what about those sprigs ruining it?

Step 5 Fixing up and Fooling

Okay, get a soft brush and your eyedropper ready. Take samples of every thing and paint over the last little parts that MUST go. NOW you are done! Hooray! And in the quickest time possible, my friend I don't know!

And to fool friends, plug your computer into your TV. It should now show the stuff you do on your PC! Bring your pic up on fullscreen. When your friends come over they will think it's really Sonic X! Congrats
Tutorial 1 Image 7


Tutorial 1 Image 4

Fully colored. Next step!

Tutorial 1 Image 2

Okay, I'm finished here. AND WE GO FORTH!