Why do people hate Omochao? He only wants to help!

He's a CHAO. Some people LOVE chao and HATE Omochao. With cheat codes, you can raise him in a chao garden, if people love Omochao(If anyone does...) they will take good care of him. If they HATE him, they abuse him and abuse him and abuse him. IT'S JUST STUPID HOW MUCH CHAO LOVERS HATE OMOCHAO!!!!

Omochao must be loved, not abused!

Ok...I guess it's fun to blow him up sometimes but that's not the point!

I've heard he does say funny stuff when ya pick him up "Okay, I understand...I'll eat all my carrots now.". I don't have SA2.

From now on I'll refer to Omochao as a girl.

Cause you can't hit GIRLS!