Shadow and rouge were on a mission too find the last emerald before robotnick did. Shadow: rouge hurry up they already found 6 we can't let them gut this one. Rouge: im coming. After a while they saw the last emerald rouge went over too grab it shadow: Rouge stop! Rouge: what? You wanted me to get it right. Then the ceiling crashed on top of rouge. Shadow: Rouge!!! Shadow then walked over too the pile of wood and started going through it searching for her. When he finally found her he saw she was covered in blood and had splinters all over her body. Shadow: are you alive?

Rouge didn't respond. Shadow: I lost Maria I can't lose you! Shadow then ran out of the room although he forgot the emerald. There was shadow android holding the emerald shadow android: I have got the emerald. Egg man on transmitter: good head back too my base! Shadow android: yes master. He then teleported out. Meanwhile at the hospital. Shadow: is she going to be ok. Doctor: yes she will be fine although she does have a little wing damage. Shadow: What??? But she needs them too fly! Will she be like this forever? Doctor: thank you captain obvious. No she won't be like that forever. Shadow: captain obvious? Doctor: I know she needs wings too fly. Shadow... ok how long will she be like this? Doctor: probably about a month. Shadow: a month??? Doctor: it will take a lot of time for her muscles too get her wings bones back in place. Shadow: ok when she be waking up. Doctor: I should say (looks at watch.) know. Rouge: huh? Were... Were am I? Shadow: you’re at the hospital. Rouge: how did I get here? Shadow: the ceiling fell on top of you. Rouge: ok did you get the emerald? Shadow: the emerald?? No I must have forgotten too get it!!! Rouge: what?? Know what are we going too do??? Rouge tries too get out of the bed. Doctor: no stop! Rouge doesn’t listen and falls too the floor. Rouge: ahh!!!

Shadow: your wings are in bad shape. Rouge: what?? But what am I going too do know??? Shadow: I don't know. Al go find the emerald you stay here. Rouge: wait! Al never mined. Shadow went back too the building. And found no emerald in sight. Shadow: no!! I have a bad feeling about this. Meanwhile.... egg man: yes yes!!! Finally I can use the emeralds power too form mecha shadic!!! Yes!!! haaaaahaaahhahahahhahah!!!!!!! The transformation was finished. He then saw too red glowing eyes come out of the chamber. Egg man: yes my minion your first order is.... (mecha shadic then grabbed egg man by the neck and said. I do not take orders from you! he then through egg man against the wall. mecha shadic: I play by my own rules. my first order is too kill shadow and rouge.. one month later. Shadow: Rouge your wings should work know. Rouge: ok good! Let me try them out! Rouge got out of the bed and was able too fly. Rouge: yes!!! Shadow: ok let’s go. Rouge: oh come on shadow I have been laying in a bed for a month. Why don't we have a little fun? Shadow: i have no time for fun. Rouge: oh come on shadow! Shadow: no! Rouge: shadow you really got too lighten up. Shadow was walking away. Rouge: then why don't you tell me why you saved me. Shadow: then stopped. Rouge: (walked over too shadow.) why don't you tell me that? Do you have a little crush on me? Shadow: no. I do not have any time for a romantic relatshionship. Rouge: oh really. Then why did you save me. Shadow: because I can't let my team mate die. Rouge: uh huh. Yeah say whatever you want. Rouge: (kisses shadow on the cheek.) later! Shadow: goes from surprised too angry. Then follows. Shadow: rouge don’t ever do that again. Rouge: ok shadow al do it when you’re ready to admit you have a crush on me. Shadow: gets a annoyed look on his face. Then all the sudden a black blue and red robotic hedgehog. Breaks out of the ground. He then looks at shadow and rouge. mecha shadic: target locked!

to be continued