mecha shadic then flew at shadow and rouge.

Shadow: rouge look out!

Shadow then pushed rouge out of the way. they then got back up

Shadow: how are you?

mecha shadic: me???... Ha ha ha ha ha... I am the ultimate life form!!!!

Shadow: what????

mecha shadic: what you think you are?

Shadow: I know for a fact I am I am the ultimate life form shadow the hedgehog!!!

Shadow then ran over to him. But mecha shadic vanished

Shadow: where did he go?

mecha shadic: im right behind you.

Shadow: what????

He then kicked shadow up in the air

Rouge: Shadow!!!!

mecha shadic: now you.

Rouge was terrified but then she saw shadow come down as super shadow.

Rouge: shadow???

mecha shadic: what??? It’s impossible!!!

Shadow: unless I use the master emerald.

mecha shadic: what???

Shadow: enough talk.

mecha shadic: ha ha ha. You still do not have enough in you to defeat me

Shadow: oh really

He then held his hands in front of mecha shadic

Shadow: chaos spear!!!!

He then shot out a giant yellow fire ball from his hands and made mecha shadic go flying

mecha shadic: huh not the worst. But know it's my turn!

Chaos out take!!!

Shadow: what???

He then saw missiles made from aura come out of his body.

One hit the ground the other hit shadow on the head.

Shadow stood on the ground trying too get back up. He then turned into normal shadow

mecha shadic: pathetic... just pathetic now to finish you off chaos lightning!!!

Then a giant blue aura appeared in his hand.

mecha shadic:good bye shadow the hedgehog.

Shadow: this is it. I shall miss my friends rouge. Amy. Sonic. Silver. Blaze. Tails. Knuckles silver blaze. I will never forget any of them

A tear came down shadows face

mecha shadic: ha it's not like you too cry! i thought you were shadow the ultimate life form.

Shadow then turned black his pupil’s disappeared. His red turned black

mecha shadic: what??? What is this??? No matter you are still the weak little worm you were before. Chaos lightning!

Shadow then grabbed the aura ball and through it back at him.

mecha shadic had a big junk of his arm blow up.

mecha shadic:what??? Impossible.

Shadow then grabbed him by the head and held him up in the air.

Shadow: chaos!!!!

Rouge: shadow stop!!!!

Shadow then looked at rouge and turned back too normal.

mecha shadic:thank you rouge.

He then hit shadow out of the way. He then turned his hand into a machine gun.

meha shadic: good bye shadow and good bye rouge ha ha ha!!!!

Then a giant laser was shot at his head blowing it up he then fell too the ground.

omega:misson complete.

Shadow and rouge: omega!!

Omega: I can't let my friends die.

Rouge: shadow thanks for saving me back there.

Shadow: don't men chin it. (He then walked away.)

Rouge: shadow why don't you ever respond too me.

Shadow then walked over too rouge

Shadow: I don't have time for romantic relations at this point. i have too complete my missions and find my past.

Rouge: well can you tell me about this Maria?

Shadow... uh... sure Maria was a very close friend of mine I remember her getting shot in the head by a gun member.

I can't remember that much from her.

Rouge: was she your girl friend?

Shadow: I...I... don't know. I don't remember that much from her.

Rouge: well if you are ready for a girlfriend how is it going too be??

Shadow: well wife actually. im thinking probably you.

Rouge: huh you do have a crush on me!

Shadow: no!!! Don’t take it the wrong way you’re my best friend. I want too have my son with my best friend.

Rouge: okay shadow I will believe you.

21 years later...

Shadow: so I did end up marring rouge. I have gotten my past back and I have my kid I just haven't seen him yet.

Rouge: shadow.

Shadow: yes!!! My son is born!!!

Rouge. It’s different look...

Shadow: is that....

Rouge: yeah it's silver.

Shadow: but he's from 200 years from the future!!!

Rouge: he's immortal.

Shadow: what???

Shadow: oh well at least I still have my son.

Rouge: yeah let's go tell silver:

Shadow: fine.

mecha silvadic then rose from the ground.

mecha silvadic: shadow rouge must be destroyed!!!

The end?