ok guys i moved too georgia it's awesome better then iowa but alot of crime. first of all theres alot of warnings most are of kidnapped children and thunderstorm but then i had a tornado warning. i was siting in my bed watching tv when a big beeping sound came on the tv. it marked tornado watch. i got up woke my brothers got my 3 cats and my dog and told my mom she said to go back too bed then i heard the sirens but then i talked her in to it but instead of watching the news she turned too her shows while she was watching it. then finally she said we had too go down stairs. the good thing is i found an american flag down there too add to my collection. yes i have brazil. anyways there was one in georgia just not on my part of georgia. anyways there was one were my ant lives in alabama and for some reason they don't have a basement luckily she survived. but some of her cats died. including my favorite tommy. anyways you won't belive this during the tornado everyone stayed outside. and for some reason everyone is so strong at georgia. and your mama jokes are popular there memes are too. there are still nerdy kids though. and that's why are started working out. im stronger then my mom but only because she dosen't work out. and then theres kids that have aspurgers and hdhd like me and know everything that has too do with memes shoop da whoop chuck norris over 9000 you name it. im freinds with alot of them. and then everyone says yall instead of you guys. for example north come on you guys south version come on yall and another thing i don't get is that golf carts are also popular here. there are alot of kids from differnt countries i think there were a few from mexico back at iowa but in georgia there are alot more kids from other countries japan even. two from japan. 1 from austraila a bunch from mexico 1 from purto rico 1 from brazil 2 from jamaica 1 from china 1 from south afirca 1 from sweden 1 from germany and i think thats it. whell im tired and i think im gonna go too bed.