The following message is to all users and contributers on Sonic News Network

Dear users, contributers and readers of Sonic News Network. My name is Alexander Soerensen, or better known as Ultrasonic9000. I am making this message to all of you as I request your help to clear out one of the biggest flaws in the Sonic the Hedgehog series: The controversy of Blaze the Cat's background!

Is she from the future or from another dimension? Is it true or not? For a long time we have all pondered on this without coming to a conclusion. Sure, we may have been given some suddle hints to events in Sonic 06, but we have never been given a clear answer. Well, I for one HAVE HAD ENOUGH! We Sonic fans deserves some answers, but the truth is clear! We won't get one if we are just sitting and driving ourself nuts with this, no it is clear that we must take action ourselves and we must make the answer to this paradox see the light of day on our own. The truth is something we all deserve. Though it may be tough to seek out and bear, we humans always seek the truth and this is no different!

"But how do we do that?" you may ask? Well, its clear that the only ones who can possibly give the truth about Blaze's background is the ones who made it. Gentlemen and ladies, I'm talking about Sonic Team... Yes, the only ones who can explain this is the Sonic Team who created the games and this paradox and we are going to get our answers form them!

To do this I humbly request of all you that may read this, to post below a possible method for the common person to come in contact with the people working at Sonic Team, so we can ask (and possibly demand) an answer to this connumdrum. It can be by an email, facebook, phone number, I dont care, just a way to communicate with them. And if they don't have an answer, we will request one (no violence people)!

I know this seems like an impossible task, but the time to do this is now, as the Sonic Team are now listening to their fans, as seen with development of Sonic Generations and Sonic 4:episode 2, and it is an opportunity we have been waiting for to seize our chance for the truth.

I also aware this will be difficult for one person to do alone, so I humbly ask all of you that seek the truth to Blaze's background, to join me in this quest by posting a method to contact Sonic Team or by contacting Sonic Team ourself to get a answers. If you chose to send a message, leave a post or message once it is send. We are the voice Sonic Team want to hear and we will make them listen! Together, all of us, we can make a difference, we will finally have the truth. This is our time!!!

We can do this for sure.

So far, we have gathered the following possible methods of communicating with Sonic Team. I thank greatly those who has helped with this: