Hey guys. I have lately been thinking about something and I thought you would like to discuss it...

"Is Sonic 06 really that bad an addition to the Sonic series?"

I know what most of you are thinking: "Of course it was. The gameplay was horrible, there was tons of glitches ect." and I can follow you on that (I got that game myself), but I am not talking about the "game" with its levels, gameplay, controls and game elements, but of its concept with characters, story and elements.

I'm not dumb and I think that the game was rather "unpollished", but what that makes me like this game, is the many new factors it introduced. We see Sonic and his friends in rather realistic animations (seriously, who haven't wondered how sonic would look in real life, and this is pretty close), we get a dark, complex and intense storyline, which in my oppinion is one of the best in the series (sure it gets complicated with time paradoxes, but that how time paradoxes work!), we get to see the awesome villain Mephiles (You love him, admit it), the true deepness Sonic's, Shadow's, Silver's and many other characters, great science-fiction elements, an all-powerful god and we get to see Sonic die and come back to life! (which is something that really marks a hero). How cool is that?

We also get to see true human interaction with Sonic's world, regarding Elise. Sure, it sees unfitting, but that's how everything new is, and it eventaully grew on me after a while as I saw they were more alike on the inside. I also seriously don't get the idea of all the talk about bestiality when Elise kissed Sonic. Sure, I also found it weird, but it never occured to me that you could think of it as bestiality. I just saw two different people, not spieces, and aren't we taught to look past the difference of people and look at what we have in common?. In my opinion, people makes too big of a fuss about it.

I may have a flaw in my character that does that I cannot find anything bad in something from the Sonic series, but I guess thats because that while the game may be a bad "game", it concept, in my oppinion makes up for it.

So overall, with all that which Sonic'06 have shown and introduced, can we really call it a bad addition to the universe of Sonic? Of course we can say it is a bad game, but can we really hate what it has shown us?