Woah... I just made my 10.000 edit! That's just so amazing! I feel I have reached a milestone in my carrier as an editor, and... I just feel like I have to say a few words.

First of all, and most of all, I would like to thank all the editors on SNN, from the smaller novice, to the worthy rollback, to the highest administrator. You have willing all accepted me here on SNN and allowed to work here. This credit cannot go to a single person as you have all shown me so much recognition and you have all accepted my work and acknowledged me. Though some more than some other, and may it be directly or indirectly, your support and back-up have always given me the strength to carry on. I would also like to thank you for molding me into the editor I am today. Though seeing your work, or through your helpful advices, I have learned so much about working with info, being an editor, and being dedicated to your profession.

Secondly, I would like to thank all of the world for letting me show my dedication to Sonic and letting me write info to you for your enjoyment. Having the whole world see your work sound scary, but when it becomes so well received, that fear disappears and is replaced by honor for making accepted work that the whole world can enjoy.

Thirdly, I would like to thank the Sonic the Hedgehog community on SNN. You have all proven to be so kind people and never knew that people could be like that on a wiki. I always thought you were all strick workers and had not intention of socializing, until I "saw" you laugh, make jokes, get angry or wandered around aimlessly. That I never knew and I am glad to have met you. It is thanks to guys such as you that I'm proud to say that I love Sonic the Hedgehog

When it all comes down to it,  I'm glad to have found SNN. I still remember the reason why I joined up with it so long ago. I had read SNN for so long, and yet I was dissatisfied with some info because it just seemed... misplaced. Then, when I read on the Solaris page that Solaris intended to destroy all continuities of Sonic, it was the last straw and I had to do something, which led to me looking for a way to correct that error... That is what started it and before I knew, I had my first real hobby that really helped me get rid of my overwhelming stress.

There have been many tough times for me. I have had my doubts, I made errors, I defied the rules of SNN (not intentionally!) and I was confronted with the worst kinds of hatered that would love nothing more than seeing the universe of Sonic threat underfoot. But, in the end, I wouldn't have traded it for anything, because Sonic the Hedgehog and working with the info of Sonic on one of the world's most foremost wiki sites on Sonic, have brought great joy to my life and a sense of purpose.

I thank all of you for accepting me and for leeting me work here, and I promise to continue my work on SNN for the next 10.000 edits and beyond. For as I stated when I began on SNN, "I only want to make the SNN the best wiki about Sonic" and though it may have been a sense of duty that drove me here, I can proudly say, "I don't have a reason for working at SNN, I just want to do it".

Thank you all so much and I hope you will wish me luck in the future.