Hello there people. This is Ultrasonic9000 and I need help YOUR help

As I was editing articles in the Sonic and the Black Knight, I came to think about something...

What exactly is the name of the different Soul Surge attacks in SATBK?

I know the name of Lancelot's, Gawain's and Percival's soul surges, namly Chaos Punishment, Gail Meteor and Flames Aheatiau, but what about the others? I don't know and cannot find the name of Sonic the Hedgehog's, Galahad's, the Blacksmith's or King Arthur's Soul Surge attacks and I have looked everywhere, and I dont plan to buy the game just to find that out.

I therefor hope that you people out there could help me. If you know the names of these Soul Surge Attacks, please, PLEASE, tell me them and I promise that in the future I will make a grade A article about each of them.

Thank you for your time.