Hey you people out there. This is Ultrasonic9000

Well... this is my like my first blog EVER on a wiki, so I hope this lives up to all your expectatons.

For my first blog here, I hope you could help me clear out one of the biggest plotholes in the Sonic game serie: The Blaze Controversy. As we all know there are some confusion about Blaze's backstory, mostly due to Sonic the Hedgehog (2006): In Sonic Rush and onward, Blaze is presented as a princess from an alternate dimension, where she guards the sol emeralds. BUT in Sonic '06 she is a royalty from the future that has No Sol Emeralds and which ends up sending herself to another dimension at the end of Silvers story. It is these conflicting backstories which hangs as dark cloud over the Sonic Series and I hope that you out there could hear me out on my theories or that you could present you own explanation. Either way, I will be satisfied...

For my theory, I originally thought that for Blaze's backstories to make sense, there had to be two versions of Blaze; One living in the future, who did not know Sonic (she did seem interested in a "blue hedgehog" but it was not shown that this Blaze personally knew Sonic as the Blaze in Sonic Rush did, and since its the future she just have heard about him in history class (Since Sonic surely would go down in history)), and one living in an alternate dimension as a princess and a guardian and who knows Sonic. But for these two to exist in parallel dimensions, shouldn't they exist in the same time period? I then had to concluded that while the Blaze from Sonic Rush comes from another dimension, it also had to be in the future. And since Eggman Nega (who claims to be Eggmans decendant) seemenly comes from this world, I came to the conclusíon that the Blaze from Sonic Rush comes from an alterate future of Sonic's world (but still a world with minor difference like the sol emeralds instead of Chaos Emeralds. But really, these emeralds are so similar that it shouldn't make a difference), which still technically counts as a different dimension. In other words, we have two different Blazes who lines perfectly up with each other.

But with the news about Blaze from Ian Flynn's blog (1), I started to think that I was originally wrong and so instead of seeing two Blazes, I should only see one. My new theory is that the Blaze from Sonic' 06 and Sonic Rush are indeed the same person, but its how its possible, that is the hard one to crack! With starting point in Ian Flynn's blog (1), my new theory says that Blaze does indeed come from the future. Then, like Ian Flynn ´theorizes, when she Chaos Control'ed herself to that dimension at the end of Silvers story, she actually sent herself to the sol dimension in Sonic Rush (and MABYE a little bit back in time), which leads to her actual appearance in Sonic Rush, a year before Sonic '06!

Now, you and Ian Flynn would say that there is a problem with that theory: How can Blaze have stayed in that dimension when the evenst of Sonic '06 negates her transportation there, and how could she become a royal with a backstory in that dimension, if she was just send there. I think, that when Blaze send herself to the sol dimension, she firmly established, injected and centimented herself it its time line, making herself a part of the time line of the sol dimension (which I still think is a alternate future of Sonic's world with minor differences), which not only gave her a background and a life in that dimension, but also allowed her to avoid the reboot of the time line of Sonic '06, since she was now a part of the time line in the sol dimension, and therefore unaffected by the changes of another time line (I know it is a bit stetched, but with the aspect of the rules of time, the loopholes you can create with time paradoxes, the possibilties with Chaos Control ect. it makes this explanation very possible. Besides it is the only explanation I can come up with that makes sense and besides, it IS a fictional universe; Anything is possible) or it is simply that if you reside in another time line, you can avoid any changes in the first time line.

As for what happend to Iblis, I can only guess that either only Blaze herself that was made a part of the sol dimensions time line and not Iblis, and as such Iblis was affected by the time reboot or the fact that when Solaris was erased, who's power transcendence time, it took Iblis with it, regardless of Iblis' establishment in other time lines.

With the fact that Blaze recognizes Crisis City in Sonic Generations, further support the fact that the Blaze from Sonic '06 and Sonic Rush may very well be the same Blaze (It does leave a plot hole about HOW Blaze can remember Crisis City and not all else: Mabye she only remembers the City, or it could be a failed attempt on the behalf of the game developers to clear out the confusion about the Controversy by making it clear that the Blaze in Sonic generations (and Sonic rush) and the Blaze from Soinc '06 are the same person) and that Silver gets the feeling that he knows Blaze in Sonic colors, it would suggest that the Blaze from Sonic '06 and Sonic Rush may very well be the same Blaze.

This is then MY theory about the Blaze Controversy, and I would love hear your oppinions about it. Otherwise, I like to hear your ideas about how the Blaze Controversy could work out. I may sound like a geek here, but I just really like Blaze. She may be my second favorit character after Sonic, and I just not want her to be "stained". So please, feel welcome to reply.