I have a question to every editor out there on sonic news network, a question that might force me out of the wikia community for a time... have any of you had trouble with the Wikia articles lately? I for one have had a bunch of trouble with it. The articles are crashing and left unreadable with mashed up text, failing links and random letters, pictures cannot be seen clearly, the bowser sometimes refusing to open, and I am nearly unable to write or edit any of the articles here. I usually end up with these screens (trust me when I say they can get a lot worse):

If you have such an condition on your computer, please leave a note so I can know its not limited to my own computer, but there is something wrong with the wiki's servers. Even better, if you know whats wrong, I would love to hear it and how to fix it. Otherwise, at the beginning of the next week, I will take my computer to the repairman and get it fixed.

Please, I need you to comment, I really miss being able to work on this wiki. My day just doesn't seem the same without at least one edit (I know it sounds sad, but thats how I feel).