im sitting here in my bed with a broken leg man its sucks im beaten up by bullies even i have my order is arived for my model airplane collecion  this is a vietnam era fighter  i like the the us army and the airforce and the navy and the spec ops and collect us army things back i was 4 years old im now 17 even i like airsoft replicas even i do cosplays and larp/ww2/vietnam/modern/apoc and more where i can buy sportstape form my m16 and my mcs shotgun even my other hobbys are ice hockey and fishing with my dad  and music and metal digging and roadtrips in dads rv across the usa and i like the us army museums i live in the coldest state of usa in a small country town even my class is assult in larp cool huh bye even i got my order yesterday  i broke my leg on a fight with bullies 3 days ago my plaster have a camoflage pattern i have broke my leg by the dawm bullies  i lie here on my bed on my room  on my left there is a bluetooth speaker playing see you again  even i like the us army since i was 4  even im a huge fan of sonic and battle field 4 and sonic boom i diong even model kits of cars and more  i have a broken leg by the ######## bullies beating my up  i like the us army since i was 4  my grandpa gived his jacket on my 4th but it changed i collect in my childhood us army things im now 17 in 11 feburay i turn 18 im almost a man just like my dad hes 38 and hes is a member of the town concil  i like the us army so much and sonic too and i am a fan of the us army since i was 4 and sonic is my life its hard to let go do you understand this bye