Finally, the results have been judged and accounted for! Welcome to the Art Contest Results blog!


I'd like to thank those who entered and who willingly wanted to help with judging the great entries! I apologise to those who entered yet did not get to submit any entries.



Scores were submitted out of 5. Scores were rounded to the nearest hundredth.

1st Place: MetalMickey272, with an overall score of '4.44!

You win:

  • A certificate looking thing
  • Two drawings of any character (including fan characters) from me, coloured with coloured pencil and outlined in black ink

2nd Place: YoshiWii1, with an overall score of '3.74!

You win:

  • Certificate looking thing
  • One drawing from me of any character, outlined in black ink

3rd Place: ModrenSonic, with an overall score of 3.56!

You win:

  • Certificate looking thing
  • Sketch of one character.

Honourable Mentions

  1. SpyroSonic2000 - 3.5
  2. Pacmansonic138 - 3.35
  3. The Shadow Of Darkness - 3.3
  4. JokerJay779 - 3

Congrats to everyone! To those who won drawings, message me on my talk your request(s).