Now I hate to be that one annoying fanbrat, but yeah, I hate the Blue Blur now. He used to be something that really stood out, ya know? The first time I saw the hyper hedgehog was when I searched up the song "His World" on YouTube. I saw a video filled with game clips and awesome music and I was hooked. I started learning everything I could about this series and this wiki was always my source. I got really involved in the characters, stories, powers, music. To me it was awesome.

Then enters the Colors era. Personalities got simplified, plots got weaker, even the music quality declined. The series turned into a joke of itself. In a horribly thought out attempt at being like Mario and gaining fans, Sonic lost what made him stand out: the spirit behind the games. I could give it a minor pass at first since they seemed to be improving gameplay a bit but then Boom came out. 

Now let's look at numbers: Sonic of America is next to broke and sales are getting smaller with each game. Whatever presence Sonic had in the world is losing its hold (not many kids even know who Sonic is, save for "that blue guy who shows up on commercials"). Sonic is now trapped on PC and Mobile titles and it doesn't seem SEGA is getting better.

So yeah, I'm jumping ship. If y'all still see something you like in the series, that's awesome, more power to you, but I'm done. I'll remember Sonic as he was when I first saw him.