aka Blaze, Bwazey, Hedgie, Blazey Bear

  • I live in Wonderland
  • My occupation is being a fangirl and going on Tumblr
  • I am supposed to be writing a novel but i am just hanging out here and on the tumblrs
  • ValentineMorgenstern342
    Cyper's story

    Cyper is a sweet girl who was made by Black doom's DNA, and was a prototype about 500 years ago. During that time before she was made,The Babylons wanted to make a copy of a female headehog. So they made were trying to make a copy with nothing but some of there Pervous members DNA,at the last seconds the prototype it failed. Altough even though it failed she was alive but she disobayed orders and she ran away to find a better life. Then she met a black redish ( Of course it's Shadow) Hegehog. They worked together for a few years until Cyper was controlled to attack Shadow. After Cyper defeated Shadow she fainted. Over 24 hours later she woke up at the same time Shadow did. She was half controlled by the Babylons to go home. S…

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