Cyper's story

Cyper is a sweet girl who was made by Black doom's DNA, and was a prototype about 500 years ago. During that time before she was made,The Babylons wanted to make a copy of a female headehog. So they made were trying to make a copy with nothing but some of there Pervous members DNA,at the last seconds the prototype it failed. Altough even though it failed she was alive but she disobayed orders and she ran away to find a better life. Then she met a black redish ( Of course it's Shadow) Hegehog. They worked together for a few years until Cyper was controlled to attack Shadow. After Cyper defeated Shadow she fainted. Over 24 hours later she woke up at the same time Shadow did. She was half controlled by the Babylons to go home. So she left Shadow. about halfway home, Cyper got her scenes back and wondering why she was in Quick desret. She felt weird. On her way to Furtureopolis, she ran into someone called Sky ( He's a male) Those two fell in love fast. Cyper had a Wonderful journey to save Shadow. About 5 years later the duo joined with people named Life, Icy, Alphaina ( Alp-a-ina) Destiny, Snowflake, Twlight and many more chacters. The group became fast friends. They had a lot of adventures that Cyper forgot about Shadow. Thier advetures never died.


Sky is a White hedgehog with bright purple eyes.

                            Sky's story

Sky was person who need A LOT of study time

 to be continued...

                        Alphaina's story

ASR Tails

Icy the fox ( she has 4 tails and her color is like a lcicle and coukdn't upload (would take a while) " I ROCK!!!"

                       Icy's story