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  • WanderIsAwesome2001

    This game should obviously be made to celebrate Sonic's 25th Anniversary. It should be made sometime after Sonic Team and Sega get new employees that will help them make new console Sonic games. It should also be made in to work after Sonic Runners releases and if it sells well. This game should be for the Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, Mobile Devices, and PC.

    I'm not all in for a story, I'm just writing about a cast of characters and the most important aspect of a game, the gameplay.

    I'm starting with the cast of characters, there should be 3 Sonics this time, I'm talking about, the Classic Sonic, the Modern Sonic, and the Sonic Boom Sonic. Modern Metal Sonic, Classic Knuckles and Classic Amy should appear in this game. But me, personally, I want moreā€¦

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