16 years ago Sonic Adventure 2 came out for the Dreamcast & within the following year was ported to Gamecube where it would become a best seller. As much as I want Adventure 3, I fear it has been far too long. The Sonic Adventure games brought multiple play styles in 3D environments, in depth story, & Chao raising. No later game was able to fully recapture their experience, although 06 came close with 9 playable characters, beautiful levels, & even though it was rushed had a far better story than Generations.

My biggest regret about 06 was that it wasn't downgraded to Gamecube, with an added Chao Garden feature that could connect with the other Nintendo Chao Gardens, then labeled Sonic Adventure 3. As even that came out over 10 years ago, it's becoming increasingly clear we won't be getting Adventure 3. Adventure 2 introduced us to Shadow the Hedgehog, who quickly became as well liked by fans as Sonic, while the Gamecube port offered the largest multiplayer mode in any Sonic game at the time. Each Character would have music in their stages that reflected them, & the rivalry dynamic really stood out. Then Sonic Adventure DX came which restored the excellence of the original Dreamcast game, while adding new features such as playing as Metal Sonic or playing the classic Gamegear games you could also unlock. While Gems Collection would offer more enjoyable play experiences with savestates for the Gamegear games, it was still nice to have the entire collection in DX.

Adventure's Story was known for being Darker & Edgier than its sequel by having more ominous tones, compared to the more epic tones of Sonic Adventure 2. The 6 characters each had unique playstyles, with 6 intertwining stories, Sonic's focused on trying to stop Eggman from feeding chaos emeralds to Chaos. Knuckles story had him try to restore the Master Emerald shattered by Chaos & after collecting most of the shards he goes to the Egg Carrier to recover the last shards & ends up thoroughly defeating Chaos powered by 6 emeralds. Along the way each character is taken to the past & shown part of Tikal's story, with Knuckles seeing 3 different moments of her life.

Amy's Story involved trying to locate the family of a bird that crashed into her while being chased by the robot Zero, Big fished for his frog that was infected by Chaos. E-102 came to a realization & began a quest to free his brothers from Eggman, & I shouldn't spoil the rest of his story. They were good then there was Last Story where the dark/ominous tone was at its peak, with Chaos destroying Station Square after taking the 7th Emerald, & Tikal confirming that the situation was hopeless. Like Adventure 2, Adventure also has much replayability, it's unfortunate that Generations butchered both Adventures.

Now for the reason that this was made Sonic Adventure 3, what could satisfy it for me. I already said 06 came close, while I may have the minority opinion of liking the heavily bashed Sonic 06, the game really did have potential to be Sonic Adventure 3. Now if there was to be SA3 when would it take place? Would it be like Sonic Mania, taking place between SA2 & Heroes? Could it have more freedom than that in terms of the timeline? Who should the playable characters be Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles are must haves. If before Heroes no Team Dark, Team Rose though would be an enjoyable addition & yes you can replace Big then still have them be Team Rose. Now the game still could use more player characters. There would need to be multiplayer which actually could have characters who may not fit into the game's timeline to select from.

The Team Story style from Adventure 2 would probably be used, however there always could be Adventure Fields. Now as for how Humans should appear, I would prefer that the human models resembled anime/manga characters, However the style used for the 1st Adventure updated or for 06 could work. I would like to have a city much like Tokyo exist in the game even if only as an extra, perhaps Sonic running on buildings at night, then having Sakura Petals throughout the morning ground section. Would be an excellent reference to Speed Highway, now if the story were original a ruins themed level would also be nice. Lost World was my favorite stage in Sonic Adventure, although Emerald Coast was my 2nd favorite, so a seaside level would also be nice. Metal Harbor, the most memorable stage for Sonic in Adventure 2 also counts as that. I want a work of beauty with a serious storyline like the previous 2 Adventures had. Preferably Sonic would run through at least 7 stages, Knuckles would get to climb & glide through at least 5 stages & wouldn't need to treasure hunt unless an excuse for it can be made. Cream should be playable for at least 3 stages, preferably more. Then there would need to be a Last Story.

Chao are an obvious must as no Sonic Adventure game is complete without raising them. Chao Race & Chao Karate taken from Adventure 2 are preferred. The ability to connect with other Chao Gardens from other games would be nice. 1 connectable game may be exclusive for storing hundreds of chao, something similar to what has appeared in Pokemon. Chao won't age in storage which makes things much easier, an online mode may also be nice. Would be fun to see Chao Race online as well as other wifi multiplayer options. I still want Adventure 3, although it should be done right. Hopefully you agree with my thinking.