Sonic Generations unfortunately will be another failure, as the new graphics engine used in the game will make this game & future Sonic games using it, almost unplayable! the game itself is not worth getting a special TV just to play it, as there are only a few levels. is this the future of Sonic, lousy gameplay, & overdone graphics? if this is the case then Sonic is dead! it's clear that Sonic Generations ruins our good memories of Sonic! i question how this all happened, how Sonic could have been taken over by modern crap!

This game in a way may serve as a grave to the Sonic of old! Sonic did have plenty of great levels! Green Hill Zone, Chemical Plant Zone, Launch Base Zone, Lava Reef Zone, Sky Sanctuary, Death Egg Zone, Stardust Speedway, Metallic Madness, Emerald Coast, City Escape, Metal Harbor, & many more! i had a lot of fun with Sonic over the years! Sonic was a great series!