• Water The Hedgehog

    1. No swearing.

    2. It can be any character you want.

    3. When I'm done of the role play, I'll post it to other SNN users.

    4. Have fun! :)





    Amy-(best friend)

    Your Character-Your Name

    Water: Is there something near my door?

    (Water opens the door) WHOOSH!

    Water: I see...

    You: Your Quote

    Water: Oh! It's a HURRICANE!!!!!!!!!

    (Title appears on front of Water)

    Sonic: Your Quote

    Water: Oh, I see. Chaos Control!

    (Water Teleports To Empire State Building)

    Water: -.- Too high...

    Water: -.- I know it's too high for me.

    Sonic: Oh, what great view!

    Water: No time to view Lady Liberty.

    Sonic: Awww...

    Water: Yes I see.

    (Amy enters the scene)

    Amy: Hiya!

    Water: Oh hi Amy.

    Amy: I heard about this hurricane that's happening right now and-

    Water: Wait! Too many …

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