1. No swearing.

2. It can be any character you want.

3. When I'm done of the role play, I'll post it to other SNN users.

4. Have fun! :)






Amy-(best friend)

Your Character-Your Name

Chapter 1: Catagory 3: Hurricane Irene Begins

Water: Is there something near my door?

(Water opens the door) WHOOSH!

Water: I see...

You: Your Quote

Water: Oh! It's a HURRICANE!!!!!!!!!

(Title appears on front of Water)

Sonic: Your Quote

Water: Oh, I see. Chaos Control!

(Water Teleports To Empire State Building)

Water: -.- Too high...

Chapter 2: Mystic Irene Rises To The Sky

Water: -.- I know it's too high for me.

Sonic: Oh, what great view!

Water: No time to view Lady Liberty.

Sonic: Awww...

Water: Yes I see.

(Amy enters the scene)

Amy: Hiya!

Water: Oh hi Amy.

Amy: I heard about this hurricane that's happening right now and-

Water: Wait! Too many words!

Amy: Oh. LOL

Water: LOL to you too.

You: Your Quote

Water: I see, You.

You: Your Quote

Chapter 3: Hurricane Passes NYC

Water: It's the end of us.

(Hurricane Irene melts down and goes somewhere else)

Water: Hooray to You!

You: Your Quote

Codename: Hurricane Irene
The End...