and made in america, not japan.

inspired by this and this.

According to me there would be many many characters on those cartoons, as many as like in OTL Archie Comics. I think Dr. Eggman would still appear, but he would be still a kind of antagonist (like Elmer Fudd), but will have more positive role. The same thing with Shadow, he would still appear in those cartoons, but he would be rather normally born (not made by a scientist), but will be less violent, but still an angry guy (kind of Yosemite Sam or Donald Duck). The Sonic cartoons would be rather more normal life-based and humouristic, than adventure-based (same thing with Looney Tunes and Mickey Mouse). I think Sonic would look like that or that. Sonic video games would still appear, but would be different.

What's your idea ???