There are several bands that have produced music for the Sonic the Hedgehog series (especially crush 40) but there have been other people that have made music for sonic games (like cash cash) so I was wondering which band?

Which is your favourite band?

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I would recommend reading the below before voting.

Reasons why I have picked them

Crush 40

good reason - they composed the most popular song in the sonic series

bad reason - Some of there songs can somtimes be to loud and you cant understand the lyrics like iam...all of me for example

Cash Cash

good reason - They composed reach for the stars which was the theme song for A really popular modern sonic game

Bad reason - They have only made 2 songs that was there own (not counting remixs)

Everett Bradley

Good reason - He has made several songs that involve shadow and its perfect for that time(like for true story)

Bad reason - Sometimes you cant here some of hes lyrics like SUPERnatural I can only here half of the lyrics


Good reason - I dont know...they made a remix of his world?

Bad reason - That remix of his world just made the song sound so [insert curse word here] bad.

Steve Conte

Good reason - He made my favourite sonic song

Bad reason - He only made one song :(

Paul Shortino

Good reason - E.G.G.M.A.N is my favourite character theme song

Bad reason - Same with Steve Conte

Bentley Jones

Good reason - all of his songs are so relaxing and has calmed me down whenever I was stressed

Bad reason - I cant really hear him in the open your heart crush40 vs bentley jones

Ted Poley

Good Reason - Escape from the city fits the level perfectly

Bad reason - The song changes when you get chased by the G.U.N truck

So those are my reasons if you havent voted yet in the poll THEN HURRY UP AND DO IT THEN