Hey guy's. I have to leave Wiki for 3 Weeks due to personal. Aah who cares about that frap. I'll just tell you. Well, I have been on the computer WAY to much lately and I have been getting rarely enough sleep. So I have decided to leave Wiki for 3 weeks due to Wiki being the site I mostly use. Also, ever since school started iv'e been having some, problemes.... As in friend relationship problemes. Which has been getting me stressed lately and I don't wanna take my anger out on you guys by accident or purpose (if that makes sence). After this blog post I'll be on Wiki for 3 more day's (to check incase someone messaged me or something). Then I'll be off. Laterz SNN (for the mean time). Also I'll be on Skype and Facebook still if you wish to message me whilst I'm on my break.