• XaikuTheMaverickHunter

    The game's overall concept seems to share several themes with three other games that the former-Enix developer Quintet released for the Super NES, which are, together, known to fans as the Soul Blazer/Gaia trilogy:

    • Soul Blader (known outside of Japan as Soul Blazer)
    • Records of the Illusion of Gaia (known simply as Illusion of Gaia in North America, and as Illusion of Time elsewhere)
    • Creation of Heaven And Earth (known as Terranigma outside of Japan. This game was not released in North America)
    • Similarities include:
      • The concept of evolution and reincarnation (in Sonic Unleashed, Sonic and Chip need to take the Chaos Emeralds to each of the world's Gaia Temples in order to reassemble Earth)
      • Gaia and Dark Gaia (known as "the Master" and "Deathtoll"…
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