Hi. Welcome.

Ok, so i plan on making a Sonic Fan Game, using 16-Bit Graphics and Sprites, based on Sonic 2.

First off. The Characters.

The two playable Heroes will be Angry Joe the Hedgehog, and Angry Video Game Nerd (AKA James Rolfe) the Fox.

Joe is a Red Hedgehog with Brown Stripes, Peach Skin, and Blue Eyes. He also has a Mouchstach and Goatee with Black Chest Fur. He wears a Black Leather Jacket with White Stripes and Black Shoes that look like Sonic's Shoes.  

AVGN is a Brown Fox with Black Stripes and White Mussle Fur. He has Brown Eyes. He wears a White Shirt, Glasses, the Nintendo Power Glove on his Right Arm, and Red Rocket Shoes.

The Villians are Corporate Commander and R.O.B the Robot.

Onto the Plot.

The Aim of the Game is too defeat the Villians and find Eva the Doppelgänger (Joe's Love Interest) by destroying Badniks that Eggman has lent the Bad Guys, collecting the Seven Chaos Emeralds, beating all the Levels, and then kicking the Bad Guy's Asses! Simple and Fun right?

Now. For the Assistance part.

I've never made a 16-Bit Game before. I know it will play like Sonic 2 but where do i find Sonic 2 Sprites to use, how do i recolor and texture them, and what Program is best for making a Sonic 2 Style Game? I will NOT be using this for Profit, ALL Rights go their respective owners, AND this is purely a Tribute Game.

PLEASE Comment. PLEASE give me any Help you can. And PLEASE share your Thoughts on my Game and  Joe and James.