Joe Varas Hedgehog - Angry Joe

Name: Angry Joe.

Full Name: Joe Varas Hedgehog.

Age: 34 Years Old.

Gender: Male.

Species: Hedgehog.

Likes: Video Games. Adventure. His Friends. Eva the Doppelgänger. (Wink, wink)

Dislikes: Corperate Commander. Dr Eggman. Metal Joe. Being tied down. Bordem. Bad Games.

Faviroute Food: Taco.

Lives in: Westopiles.

Job: Reviewer. Freedom Fighter.

Relationship Status: Single.

Type: Speed.

Forms: Super Joe. Dark Joe.

Moves/Techniques: Homing Attack. Spindash. Light Speed Dash. Light Speed Attack. Fury Boost.

Special Abilities: Skilled in Chaos Power Usage. Gets stronger and faster the angrier he becomes.

Theme Song: Do or Die by Papa Roach.

Extreme Gear: Wind Fury.