Seaside Hill Zone. Day 1.

Team Rage burst through a Squad of Egg Pawns at Light Speed. Joe was in the Lead. "Alright Team. Let's show these punks the real power of Teamwork." Spoke Joe. The others nodded. Joe Homing Attacked some Egg Flappers to get them over a Gap between Cliffs. "Wow... I've never experianced so much Speed!" Exclaimed Eva. "Being a Mobian is Great!" Responded Joe.

The Team triangle jumped between Spires with Joe. An Egg Pawn with an Egg-ile Launcher fired a Missile at the Team. James took the lead and flew the Team over the resulting Explosion. Joe took the Lead and Homing Attacked the Egg Pawn. Within 3 Hits he destroyed it. He grabbed James and Eva by the Arms, Krak clinged onto his Head, and using Rocket Accel they propelled forward. Egg Pawns were obliterated by the Speed. Joe used Red Tornado and the Team started to swing upwards on a nearby Pole. They reached an upper Cliff. Eva took the lead. "There appears to be Blockades... This is all Eva!" Shouted Joe. Eva punche through a Weakened Wall but could'nt brake the Stronger Walls. "Hum... A Complication." Eva muttered. She turned and looked at Joe and James, a Grin developed. Jame Gulped. "Uh. Eva?" Spoke Joe. "I'm going to... Use you two as Boxing Gloves!" Replied Eva. Joe and James gulped. Eva picked them up while they were in Spin-Ball Form. "Don't worry... I'll be Gentle." Chuckled Eva... The next thing the Duo knew they were smashing through Rock and Metal.

After Joe took the lead again and they went through Loop-de-Loops and Corkscrew Loops. James took the lead and destroyed some Egg Flappers with Thundershoot. Joe took the lead. Everyone felt more powerful all off a sudden. Then a Legion of Egg Pawns surrounded them. "Time for... Team Blast!" Suggested Joe. They all grinned.

The group formed up. Joe spindashed around them, creating a Whirlwind. James punched the Ground with the Power Glove, creating a Shockwave. Krak fired Electricity, from his Eye, into the Air, zapping the Foes. Eva spun round firing her Duel Pistols. Joe and James then threw Eva into the Air, where she used Shadow Blast. Every Enemy was killed instantly.

They continued forward. Taking a Loop-de-Loop, then using Sprins to fly through Rainbow Rings and reach a Platorm near the Ruins. They had reached the Goal. Joe performed some Breakdancing, before backflipping and giving a Thumbs up. "Radi-cool." He chuckled. James hovered in Mid Air, did a 360 Spin, then drank some Beer. "F*ck Yeah." He said. Eva did stretches, then turned around, looked back, and gave a Thumbs up. "Give me a Challenge!" She grinned. Krak flew about and then pulled off a Spin and backflip. "How Pathetic." He laughed.