Outskirts of Ruins. Day 1.

Team Rage walked along a Sandy Beach littered with Pillers and Stone Bridges. Eggman suddenly landed in front of them, in his Egg Albertross. "Another pesky little Hedgehog and his Fox Friend... And whats this? Eva the Doppelgänger? What, is this, a Date? Oh, she braught her Pet too. Ho, ho, ho! This'll be fun!" Eggman spoke. Eva growled. "Prepare for another Defeat, Egghead!" Countered Joe. "It's the brilliant Dr Eggman to you, Hedge-pest!" Replied Eggman. The Egg Albertross fired up its Engines. The Team prepared for Battle.

"Prepare to be crushed, by my Egg Albertross!" Exclaimed Eggman. "Let's do this Team!" Joe shouted. The Egg Albertross flew backwards while a barrage of Bullets and Rockets at the advancing Team. They dodged everything effortlessly. "Forgot to install a Targeting System, Docter?" Chuckled Eva. "I'll wipe that grin off your Face... And then you from my Robot's Beak! It's about Time you learn some Obediance!" Eggman growled. "Nobody owns me!" Countered Eva. She jumped over a Missile, that hit a Egg Pawn. "Hey! It's our Job to bust 'em up!" Shouted James. Eggman fired a Laser out of the Egg Albertross' Beak, but the Team jumped over it.

The Egg Albertross stopped at a Beach and started to spin around, while firing Bullets and Rockets. Joe Homing Attacked the Wing Engines. After 15 Hits it blew up. "Grr. You'll pay for that!" Growled Eggman. James took the Lead. He used Thundershoot to Damage the other Wing Engine. After 10 Hits it exploded like the other. "Good work Team... But the Hull looks a lot stronger. Eva, be a dear would you?" Commented Joe. Eva smiled. Using Joe and James as Boxing Gloves, she relentlessly battered the Hull. After 8 Hits the Armor broke off. "This little Birdie, is going bye, bye!" Laughed Eva. "It won't be that Easy!" Exclaimed Eggman as he activated an Electric Field. "Damn! Krak? See what you can do!" Eva said. Krak took the lead. "With Pleasure." Replied Krak. Krak battered the Electrified Hull using his Body. Each time he absorbed the Electricity. After busting and denting the Hull 15 times, he flew up and closed his Eye. When he opened it he fired a demolishing Electric Blast. The Egg Albertross exploded, and Eggman, in his Hover Egg, was blasted into the Distance, screaming.

The Team each did their Poses. "To Easy!" Chuckled Joe. "Eat that and Sh*t it out!" James Shouted. "Doctor. You should stop trying to control others... You would'nt want to end up like a certain Atlantean, would you?" Grinned Eva. "How utterly Pathetic... Build better Machines, Doc." Spoke Krak. 

"Let's head to those Ruins." Suggested Joe. The others nodded. So Team Rage blasted off again. This time towards the Egg Pawn infested Ruins.