Day 1. Grand Metropolis.

Team Rage walked along a Rooftop of a Skyscraper. Eva looked around. "This is one hell of a City... Flying Cars, Tubed-Highways, Hover Trains, Skyscrapers everywhere. This place has it all!" Eva mumbled. "Yeah. Mobius has a wide variety of Cities. This is a prime example of our advanced technology." James responded. "Good change of scenery... i found Avalon depressing." Interjected Krak. "We still got a Job to do. Let's get moving!" Suggested Joe.

The Team ran down an Energised Pathway with Joe in the Lead. Egg Flappers fired Missiles at the Team. They dodged out of the way. Joe Homing Attacked the Trio of Egg Flappers. "Skadoosh!" Joe exclaimed. The Team ran through the Corkscrew Loop and used Angled Dash Pads to get into the Air. They all pulled of a Trick as they passed through Rainbow Rings. They landed on a Platform and James took the lead.

"Gonna have to spark things up!" Grinned James. They went to Flight Formation and James used Thunder-Shoot on aproaching Egg Pawns. The Robots Exploded as the Team Members collided with them. "Foolish Tin-Cans!" Shouted Eva. James preceeded to fly the Team through Air Rings to reach a Rooftop. As they landed Joe took the Lead.

They ran through the inside of the Building. The Floor exploded as they reached a Hallway and they had to Triangle Jump from Wall to Wall to reach the untouched Floor Joe spindashed through a Trio of Egg Pawns that jumped in their way. Using the Light Speed Dash on a Trail of Rings they reached a Hexagonal Elevator. A Bunch of Egg-Turtles and Egg Pawns ambushed them "This is all Eva!" Smirked Joe. Eva took the lead.

Using Joe and James as Boxing Gloves, Eva smashed up the Egg-Turtles and punched straight through the Egg Pawns. One tried to shoot her but she backflipped over it and punched through it's Chest. Egg Flappers flew above them and preceeded to drop Bombs. "Damn! Not here!" Growled Eva. One of the Bombs hit the Generator and the Elevator came to a Halt. Krak took the lead.

"You think flying will save you, Bolt Brains?" Chuckled Krak. Krak used his Electric Beam to obliterate a couple of them. Krak then whipped another to pieces with his Tentacles and threw a Chunk of it into another, causing it to explode. The last one flew straight at him but he flew out of the way and destroyed it with his Electric Beam. "Good going!" Cheered Eva. Joe took the lead.

The Elevator started to fall. Explosions bombarded the Building. Egg Flappers were Bombing it. "Whoah! We gotta speed!" Exclaimed Joe. The Team broke through the Giant Window and used the falling wreckage of the building to grind to a Energized Pathway. Performing a Homing Attack Chain on a Group of Egg Flappers, who were draining the Energy to activate the Pathway. "Phew... That was close." Sighed James. The group preceeded to take Loop-de-Loops before using Springs to reach the Entrance to a Power Plant.

The Team pulled of their Poses. "That was sweet!" Exclaimed Joe. "Try harder Egghead!" Grinned James. "What an amazeing City... I almost regret trashing some of it." Spoke Eva. "... I'm hungry." Moanded Krak.