Ocean Palace. Day 1.

Team Rage walked along a Stone Bridge. "You must be loving this place, Eva." Chuckled Joe. Eva grinned. "If we wern't busy saving the World, i'd be hunting for Treasure." Eva replied. "Not to break up the Romance but we got trouble ahead." Commented James. Joe frowned. "These guys just don't learn." Sighed Joe. "Oh goodie... More things to smash." Chuckled Eva. "Well let's get smashing." Krak spoke. The Team sped off. 

Using Rocket Accel, Joe smashed through a trio of Egg Pawns. The Team took a Loop-de-Loop, bounced of Springs, jumped through Rainbow Rings and then landed and Triangle jumped between Stone Pillers. "That was Extreme!" Said Krak. Joe Homing Attacked an Egg Pawn and 2 Eff Flappers, destroying them. An Egg Turtle landed and fired it's Cannon. The Team dodged the Blast. Joe Homing Attacked the Egg Turtle but just bounced off. "I think i just got Shellshock." Laughed Joe. James facepalmed. Joe used Red Tornado to flip it over. Eva took the lead. She jumpef up and punched straight down into the unprotected Underbelly. The Egg Turtle blew up and a Pole rised up. Joe took the Lead. He used Red Tornado to swinb him and the Team up. They flew through the Air and Light Dashed across a Trail of Rings to reach a higher platform.

James took the lead. "Gonna have to fly high." Suggested Eva. James flew the Team from Platform to Platform, dodgeing Missiles. They landed on a Dash Pad and Joe took the Lead. Through a Corkscrew Loop and Homing Attack Chaining on Egg Flappers, over a Spike Pit. Eva took the lead and punched through Rock Walls, using Jamed and Joe. She punched through some more Egg Pawns. Running across a Walkway, the Team dodged falling Rock Pillers. They bounced off a Spring Pad and onto an upper pathway. "Look at all those Eggman Robots." Spoke James. "Let's Smash 'em!" Eva said. They fought through the group of 6 Egg Pawns and 4 Egg Flappers, with 2 Egg Turtles. "I expected more!" Laughed Joe as he took the Lead. They Triangle Jump through a Floorless Hallway. They jump down to a lower Platform.

"Hey. What's that rumbling sound?" Krak inquires. The Team look behind to see a Spiked Stone Wheel roll towards them. They scream and run, dodgeing Egg Pawns and Blockades. "I should've expected this!" Yelled Eva. The Wheel picked up Speed. "Gotta go fast!" Suggested Joe, as the Wheel neared. Krak jumped on his Head, and he grabbed James and Eva by the Arms and Rocket Acceled, breaking through anything in his way. They reached a Spring Pad just as the Wheel hit the Entrance to the Hallway they entered, bringing it down. They reached the end platform.

They all pulled of their Poses. "Phew. Glad we aced that." Said Joe. "F*ck you, Wheel of Death." Sighed James. "Ha. I eat Ruins for Breakfest!" Chuckled Eva. "That... Was cutting it close." Puffed Krak.