Not far from Seaside Hill Zone. Day 1.

Across the lush Green Fields of Mobius, a Red Hedgehog, with Brown Stripes, Blue Eyes, a Black Goatee and Mouchstache, Tan Skin, and Black Chest Fur, wearing a Black Leather Jacket with White Stripes down the Arms, and Black Shoes with a White Strap and Gold Buckle, was speeding along. He jumped over a Ravine, slided under a Gap in a Rock Formation, and then Triangle jumped between Trees. He continued to run towards the Zone.

Close behind was a Brown Fox, with Black Stripes, Brown Eyes, and a White Fur Mussle, wearing a White Shirt, the Nintendo Powerglove, Glasses, and Red Jet Shoes. The Fox sped up and ran next to the Hedgehog.  "Hey Joe. There's a Message from Eggman. The f*cker." Said the Fox. The Hedgehog started to run backwards, arms folded. He sighed. "The Doc can wait, James. Eva has sent out a Message for Help." Joe Replied. James grinned slightly. "Of course... You'd be the first to answer." Chuckled James. Joe frowned. "What are you implying?" He questioned. "Nothing." Chuckled James. Joe rolled his Eyes.

Seaside Hill Zone. Outskirt Ruins.

A Pale Female 'Human' with Long Crimson Hair, tied in a Braid, with Yellow Eyes, wearing a Black Leather, Sleevless, Body Suit, with Black Fingerless Gloves, Black Leather Pants, a Black Belt, and Black Hiking Boots, with Black Pistol Holsters on her Legs, walked down a Corridor.

A Small Flying Monster, with Five Tentacles followed behind, wimpering. He had a Yellow Eye in the Centre of his Body. He was Purple with Red Stripes running along his Tentacles. He had Metal Bands, with Red Jewels, on his Tentacles. He looked in every Corner, trying to appear Brave.

An Egg Pawn Jumped out. The Monster, named Krak, screamed due to Shock. Eva punched the Robot through a Wall. It got up and pulled out an Egg Blastor Gun. Eva dodged every Shot with Ease. She grinned and started to Glow with Dark Energy. She shot the Pawn's Legs with her Duel Pistols, crippling it. Eva exclaimed "Shadow... BLAST!" and let out a Pulse of Energy that destroyed the Robot and everything within 20 Meters. Krak cheered. Eva let out a Hmph. "I expected better from a Machine made by a Man with an IQ of 300." She chuckled. Krak nodded. "Still need to find Lara... A few have went missing recently." She sighed.

Joe and James arrived Seconds later. Joe smiled upon seeing Eva's Victory over the Tin-Can. "Joe. James. What brings you here?" Eva asked. "I heard you were in Trouble... James came along." Replied Joe. "I would'nt call it Trouble." Laughed Eva. At that Moment Eggman flew by and into the Distance, in his Egg Albertross. James coughed. "Show us the Message." Sighed Joe. James put the Holo Message on a Piece of Rubble. "Attention! Sonic Heroes! Within just 3 Days i, and the Deacon, will Conquer the World with an unstoppable Army of Badniks and Cybo-Morphs! Do you dare to try and stop us!?" The Hologram of Eggman announced. It flicked off. The 4 looked at eachother and grinned. "Yeah. We do! 'Cause we're Sonic Heroes!" Shouted Joe. They fist bumped and sped off, after James passed spare Jet Thrusters for Eva to attach to her Boots, so she could keep up.


Angry Joe - SPEED.


Eva - POWER.