[Warning: This Story contains Sonamus]

Rail Canyon. Earth.

The Tornado's Wings were ablaze. The Fire was eating away at them. Tails reached for the ejector Seat Lever, as he pulled it, it snapped in half and he looked at it with fear. The Tornado spun out of control and crashed atop a Mountain.

Tails crawled from the burning wreckage and groaned, he was hurt. A Orange Kitmorph (Kitsune/Xenomorph Hybrid) with Brown Stripes, Red Eyes,  a Yellow Mussle, and 3 spiked Tails jumped onto the Mountain. He walked up a grabbed Tails by the Throat. He took the Red and Yellow Chaos Emeralds from him. "Hmph. What a pathetic attempt at escape, furball." The Kitmorph, who was called Ravage, chuckled. A huge Battle Ship flew above them. The Tractor Beam pulled the two up. When they were on board, it flew off into Space.

Sonic grinded along a Rail and jumpe up onto the Mountain. "Tails? Tails!?" He shouted. He kicked a Rock in Anger. He looked over to his Right to see a Yellow and Orange Ship zoom past. He started to run after it; grinding on Rails; Triangle jumping from Spire to Spire; before finally propeling himself upwards to reach it. He grabbed onto a nook as the Ship sped into Space. He tightened his grip as the exited the Atmosphere. Eventually they reached Space. He could see the Battle Ship in the distance, the Moon to his Left, and the ARK to his Right. He climbed upwards and reached the Airlock Hatch. He pressed the Buttons on the Board and the Hatch opened. He quickly jumped inside.

As he landed in the Ship, a shot hit the Wall next to him. He looked up to see Samus. "Hehe... Long Time no see." Sonic grinned. "Get off my Ship... I have something to deal with aboard that Battle Ship... Alone." Samus stated. "Samus. You don't understand, my..." Sonic was cut off by the sound of an Explosion. The ship rocked back and forth. ""Agh! You Blue Idiot! They know we're here!" Samus exclaimed as she regained her balance. Another Explosion! The Ship spiralled out of Control and they crashed... Inside a Hanger of the Battle Ship.

'Tyrant' Battle Ship. In Orbit around Earth.

Sonic and Samus pushed Wreckage off of them. Samus's Suit had malfunctioned due to the crash, so she was now in the Zero Suit. "You... You fool, this is you fault." Coughed Samus. "You're the one who was reckless." Growled Sonic. "I would'nt be in this position if you hadn't interrupted." Snapped Samus. "I only tried to help." Countered Sonic. They heard the sound of running and shouting. Samus looked around and saw a nearby Vent. "Grgh... Quick, in the Vent." Samus said. They ran over to the Vent. "I'll go first... I'm a Gentleman." Spoke Sonic. He crawled into the Vent, Samus followed.

They crawled as fast as they could through the Vents. "This would be so much easier if i could Morphball." Moaned Samus. "Well i'm not the one that allowed us to crash." Remarked Sonic. "You distracted me." Samus snapped. "This bickering is pointless." Sonic responded. Samus let out a Hmph. "We should just work together and try to get on." Moaned Sonic. "Fine." Replied Samus. "Besides... Stealth was always the better option here." Sonic said. They continued forward until they reached a more open spot, where they took a rest and thought about a Plan.

There was an awkward Silence between the two as they sat there, thinking. They didn't make Eye contact. Then Sonic broke the Silence. "Right. There must be a Map in the Communications Room. We could use that to get to the Engine Room, to blow up the Generators. Then we go to the Weapons Bay and destroy as much as possible. Then we head to the Vaults to get the Chaos Emeralds. Then we finally get to the Prison Cells and rescue Tails." He said. "That's all well and good, but how do we find the Communications Room?" Questioned Samus. "Uh... I hadn't thought about that part." Admitted Sonic. Samus frowned. "Urgh... You should have." Criticized Samus. "Well... Maybe we can find out where it is somehow." Sonic replied. Samus sighed. "Fine. We'll just improvise... Now come on, we better get moving." Responded Samus.

They started to move again. After a good five Minutes of crawling through the narrow Shafts, they reached an exit. "I got this." Sonic stated. He look through the gaps, no one was around, he started to kick the Cover. After three kicks it fell off and made a clang as it hit the Metal Floor. Sonic jumped down. "It's a bit of a Drop... I'll catch you." Spoke Sonic. "I can handle myself." Beratted Samus. She jumped down... It really was a drop! Luckily Sonic caught her before she hit the ground. "I told ya." Sonic said. "Put me down." Samus frowned. Sonic sighed and shuck his head, he let her go. "Ya try to help a Chick out." He smiled. "Do not call me that." Samus snapped. Sonic rolled his Eyes.

Whoosh. A Door opened. Quicker than a speeding Bullet, the duo hide behind a group of crates. A Squad of Robot Masters walked into the Hallway. "This is Bravo Squad reporting. We are in Sector Seven. No sign of the intruders." A Robot Master said as he talked into a Radio. "Good. But you better keep your eyes open or else the Deacon will have our heads on a Plate!" Replied a Xenomorph, over the Radio. The Squad continued along the Hallway and exited through the other Door. The duo let out a sigh of relief.

Sonic stood up. "Ok. We're in Sector Seven... We know that much." Commented Sonic. "We were in those Vents for a while, we should be closer to something." Samus responded as she got up. Sonic nodded. "Let's see where that Door takes us." Suggested Samus. They walked over to the Door the Robot Masters entered through. It opened and a Xenomorph Warrior stood on the other side. It let out a Hiss and the duo jumped back. Samus pulled out her Laser Pistol and shot it Six times but then the Gun jammed. Sonic jumped at the Warrior, in an attempt to Punch it, but was wacked away by it's Tail. Samus kicked it in the Face but it just shrugged it off. It grabbed her by the Neck and opened it's mouth, it's little mouth inside could be seen... Sonic Homing Attacked it before it could headbite Samus and it went flying backwards. It smashed it's Head against the Wall and it's Neck snapped due to the impact.

Sonic offered Samus a hand to get up. "Not so fast next time, hey?" Sonic chuckled. "Let's just hide the body." Samus moaned as Sonic helped her up. "If you say so." Replied Sonic. They walked over to the Body and picked it up. After hiding it in a Vent, they continued onwards. "Oh, by the way, Samus?" Sonic spoke. "Yeah?" Questioned Samus. "That's three Times i have saved you." Chuckled Sonic. "No it's two." Replied Samus. "I'm counting the Subspace incident aswell." Sonic grinned. "Doesn't count, you saved everybody that Time." Samus responded. "As you wish then. Two." Replied Sonic. 

They walked through another Door and entered a locker room. "Uh... This is weird." Whispered Sonic. "Yeah... I did not expect this... Of all places." Samus responded. They hid behind a row of lockers. "Ok... Stick close and be as quite as possible." Whispered Samus. Sonic gave a thumbs up. "Good." Samus whispered. They snuck from row to row; avoiding being seen by the Space Pirates, Xenomorphs, and Robot Masters in the room. They reached the exit door. "Samus... You go on forward. I'm going to make sure these guys have an Accident." Sonic whispered. Samus nodded and snuck out of the room.

A couple of minutes later, while Samus was hiding behind some crates, Sonic reappeared next to her and saluted. The screams of the mooks in the locker room could be heard. "What did you do?" Inquired Samus. "I turned the Temperature well over boiling." Sonic chuckled. Samus looked at him for a moment, then gave him a High-5. "Well done. But, what is that Smell?" Samus spoke. "I stole some Old Spice while i was in there... Like it?" Sonic grinned. "I don't have time to discuss your Body Spray... But it is nice." Samus replied.

They continued on for a bit; but after a while of sneaking through a multitude of corridors; they got seperated. Sonic was walking through a rather dark corridor on his own... Or so he thought. "Oh man... How could we of gotten seperated? I'm so stupid sometimes..." Sonic mumbled; as he creeped along. He felt a cold breeze over him; and shivered in response. "Buurrrgh... That was... Creepy." He mumbled. He continued along. A dark mist formed behind him, though he did not notice. The mist formed into Dark Samus. She raised her Arm Cannon and shot Sonic in the back. The blast sent him hurling into the Wall; and he then fell to the ground. Dark Samus stalked over to him; as he layed there; struggeling to get back up. As Dark Samus stopped next to him; he looked up and then blacked out.

Meanwhile Samus was sneaking out of the Communications room, looking at a Holo-Map that was being displayed on her Wrist-Pad. "Ok... The Prison Cells arn't far from here... I hope Sonic is ok, we should of stayed closer together. I'll find him later, right now i got to get Tails." Samus whispered. She plotted a course on the Map and headed off.

A short while later; Sonic woke up. "Urgh... My head..." He groaned. He stumbled up but then fell to his Knees. "Argh... I don't feel that good... Urgh... What is wrong with me?" He questioned. He started to cough. "Oh god... This can't be good." He moaned. He coughed some more; then was sick. What came out was Phazon. "What the hell is this stuff!?" He exclaimed. He held his Head in pain. His fur turned a Dark Blue; his skin turned Grey; and his Irises turned Purple. He stumbled up. He looked around with a hateful frown; then began to walk forward.

Meanwhile in the Prison Cells, Samus was going through every Cell, looking for Tails. After 10 Minutes of searching, she had went through every Cell and found nothing. She let out a sigh and bowed her head. "He's not here... I... I may have to give Sonic some bad news." She muttered. There was a bang out in the Hallway; she went to check what it was; catiously readying her Gun.

She opened the Door and pointed her Gun out first. Then she walked out into the Hallway. There was silence. She looked to her left, nothing. She looked to her right... Sonic, back turned, was walking down the Hallway. Samus holstered her Gun and let out a sigh. She walked over to him. "There you are, Sonic. I was getting worried. You ok? You look a bit... Different." Samus spoke. Sonic stopped. He turned around. Samus took a step back. "Sonic? What's happened?" Samus inquired. Sonic was silent. Samus noticed a cut on his Arm... Sonic was bleeding Phazon. "Sonic? Are you in there?" Samus asked. She slowly reached for her Gun. Sonic's Eyes focused on the Gun; then on Samus; he looked at the Gun again; then back to Samus. "Ok... Let's not be hasty here... I can help you." Samus spoke. She put her Hand out; Sonic jumped back and growled. "I only want to help... I'm not going to hurt you, Sonic. It's just me, Samus." Samus continued. Sonic snarled and ran away. "Oh come on!" Snapped Samus. She chased after him.

The Corrupted Sonic ran through a Corridor and reached a Door. It was locked. He started to kick and punch the Door, trying to escape. Samus ran around the Cornor; and skidded to a halt. She was out of breath. "Sonic... I can help you." She puffed. A dark mist formed behind Sonic. It was Dark Samus. "Look's like i have a new Pet." Dark Samus chuckled. Samus pulled out her Gun. "Get away from him, you B*tch." Samus snapped. "As you wish... Go boy!" Dark Samus replied, as she faded away. Sonic's Arms set ablaze with Blue Fire and he snarled. "Oh for the love of..." Samus moaned.

Samus started to run through the Corridors; trying to escape Corrupted Sonic. Sonic skidded around the cornor and fired a few fireballs; Samus dodged them. Sonic started to crawl along the walls and ceiling; continuing to fire Fireballs. Samus was able to dodge them. She made a sharp right and ran into the weapons room. She locked the door and barricaded it with a few crates. She stepped back. Sonic started to bang on the Door; making it shake. Samus looked around at the boxes and shelves of weapons. She rapidly searched through boxes, looking for something better than her Pistol. She pulled out a Laser Rifle and inserted a Battery pack. There was silence; then the sound of a growl. In a blast; the Door and barricade went flying. Sonic had entered a Hyper mode. Purple electricity was swirling around him. He stalked forward. Without thinking, Samus opened fire. The rapid bolts struck Sonic. After unloading an entire clip, Sonic fell to the ground. His eyes closed and he didn't move. Samus dropped the Gun. She started to shake. "Sonic... Sonic?" She asked. Nothing.

Then the alarms went off. "Jettison procedure; activated." The annoucer informed. The part of the Ship that they were on had been detached and started to float away into Space... Into an Asteroid Field. Samus looked out of the Window and saw the Asteroids floating by. "Sonic... Sonic! Sonic, wake up!" Samus exclaimed. Sonic just layed there. Samus looked around the room, in hopes of finding something to get him up. Nothing. She looked at her Holo-Map in hopes of locating Escape Pods. Nothing. She started to lose it and threw a Table. "Think, dammit." Samus snapped. After 5 Minutes of trying to think of anything, but coming up with nothing, Samus slumped down and gave up. She just stared out of the Window.

Then the Red Chaos Emerald fell out of through a Hole in the ceiling, caused by a fireball. It rolled out of the Corridor and stopped next to Sonic. Samus looked at it. She jumped up and grabbed it. "How the hell? ... It doesn't matter... I can use this... I hope." Samus spoke. She looked at the Emerald and then at Sonic. "Maybe... Just maybe..." She muttered. She held the Chaos Emerald tightly and focused her willpower. The Emerald started to glow. "Chaos... Regeneration!" Samus exclaimed. The gem flew out of her Hands and floated above Sonic. It zapped him with Chaos Energy; healing his wounds; and destroying the Phazob within him.

Sonic opened his Eyes and took a deep breath. "Gaagh... Where... Where... am i?" Sonic coughed. Samus was drained by the use of the Emerald and stumbled to get up. "In the a part of the weapons room... But this section of the Ship has been detached... We're floating in a Asteroid Field and slowly losing the Oxygen supplies." Responded Samus. "Did... Did i die?" Asked Sonic. "I don't know..." Samus replied, with guilt. Sonic stood up. "That's not the Samus i know, do not feel guilt for good deeds." Sonic smiled. Samus nodded. Sonic picked up the Chaos Emerald. "Let's get out of here." Suggested Sonic. "Wait. We'll need weapons." Replied Samus. Sonic nodded.

Sonic opened up a Pod. Samus picked up a second Laser Pistol; then a Laser Rifle; a pack of Plasma Grenades; and a Z-Saber. Sonic picked up a Katana; a pack of Plasma Grenades; and Duel Energy Swords. Samus opened a crate, and pulled out an Arm Cannon. She passed it to Sonic. "Here... I think you'll like these." Samus grinned. She put it on Sonic's right arm and it folded up into a Wrist Bracelet. "Just press that Button to activate it." Samus said as she pointed to a Button. "That's pretty sweet." Sonic replied. Samus pulled a second one out and put it on her right arm, it folded up. Sonic held the Chaos Emerald up as the duo stood next to eachother. "Chaos... Control!" He shouted. They disappeared in a flash of light.

They reappeared in a flash of light; within a Hallway of the Tyrant. "Phew... For a moment i thought i might not off pulled that off." Sighed Sonic. "Now that we're armed, we can abandon the Stealth." Retorted Samus. Sonic grinned. "Ladies 1st, Ma'am." Sonic chuckled as he took a bow. "What a gentlemen." Samus replied. They opened the door to a lounge. Within were a bunch of Space Pirates. Sonic and Samus stood next to eachother; shoulder to shoulder. Samus raised her duel Laser Pistols, and Sonic readied his Katana. "This party's getting crazy... Let's rock." Chuckled Sonic. Samus shot a jukebox and it started to play a upbeat Rock tune.