[Warning: This Story contains Sonamus]

'Tyrant' Battle Ship. In orbit around Earth.

The Space Pirates jumped up from their seats and readied their weapons. "I can already tell... This is gonna be one hell of a party!" Sonic shouted. He kicked a Space Pirate, that had ran up to him, in the face. It went flying backwards. The Space Pirates roared at the intruders. Sonic threw his Katana in the air, twirled a Bandoileer around him, and then put out his Arms as the Bandoileer slid onto him. He caught the Katana in his hand. He pointed it around the room, at the Space Pirates. "I hope you all have enough to cover all of your Funeral bills." Sonic chuckled. "Dante would be so proud." Samus mused.

They charged towards the Space Pirates. Samus was rapid-firing her duel pistols. She front-flipped over a Space Pirate, and as she landed shot it in the back of the head. She jumped onto the head of another that had charged towards her. She performed a rapid Bicycle-Kick combo onto it's face before back-flipping off of it. As she descended she spun around and fired her Guns. As she landed, she pressed a button on the Guns and they transformed into handles. Laser whips shot out and Samus twirled them around, slicing apart Space Pirates and deflecting Laser bolts.

Sonic meanwhile was dashing back and forth, slicing at Space Pirates with his Katana. He deflected Laser bolts with his Blade, making them fly backwards and hit their owners in the face. He made an upper slice with his Blade, that propelled a Space Pirate into the Air. Sonic jumped up and made rapid slices to the Alien, before grabbing a Plasma Grenade from his Bandoileer and sticking it to the Space Pirate's Head. He kicked the Alien down and the following blast sent three more flying all over.

Sonic holstered his Katana on his back and pulled out his Duel Energy Swords. He activated them. In a blur of Blue Plasma, he chopped up charging Space Pirates with the blades until he was stood atop a pile of bodies, the batteries then ran out. Sonic activated the Plasma Grenades on his Bandoileer, before taking it off and throwing it into a crowd. Boom!

Sonic activated his Arm Cannon as he stood back to back with Samus. She deactivated her Laser Whips and activated her own Arm Cannon. "Feels good, don't it?" Samus chuckled. "Nearly as good as a run." Replied Sonic. They spent the next five minutes blasting down the remaining Space Pirates with their Arm Cannons. By the end, the once pristine room was now littered with bodies, covered in blood stains and pools, and scorched with Laser marks. "Phew... That was radi-cool." Sonic commented as he gave a thumbs up. Samus nodded. "It is a pleasent change from sneaking everywhere." She remarked.

A while later, the duo were travelling down a Hallway, the room behind them was ablaze with fire. "Hehe. That's the Engine room gone. This ship ain't going nowhere." Sonic chuckled. "Will prevent them from entering light-speed, they're stuck around the Planet for now." Samus responded. Sonic nodded. "Still having Suit problems?" Inquired Sonic. "Yeah...I'm stuck with the Zero Suit until i can get a new Ship to repair my Power Suit function and refill the Energy supply." Answered Samus. "Well you can still handle yourself very well." Smiled Sonic. "Of course i can. It's me after all." Samus chuckled. "Looks like ya found my Cockyness upgrade." Sonic mocked. "I guess i have..." Samus replied, pondering something deep inside. She had changed alot during this mission. Could it be... Sonic? That had brought about these changes? She looked at the Blue Hedgehog walking beside her and... Smiled. Something that seemed Alien even to her. Sonic smiled back. He was the 1st person in years and years to ever smile at Samus. They continued along.

After an Hour or so of slaughtering Xenomorphs, Space Pirates, and Robot Masters, they had reached the Hanger bay. So far they had trashed the Engine Room, Communications Room, back-up Weapons Room, and the Power Generator Room.

They looked around for a ship to escape on later... Samus hadn't brought up how Tails was no where to be found. Sonic still had hope and was determined to find him. As Sonic looked around to try and locate a Ship, Samus was trying to think of a way to bring it up. Sonic could not find any Ships in this Hanger. "Samus... I got bad news." Sighed Sonic as he walked up to her. She turned around to look at him. "I have some too..." Samus responded. "What is it?" Questioned Sonic. Samus sighed and gestured for him to take a seat on a box. "Sonic... When i was searching through the Prison Cells before, not a single one had Tails. I... I made a quick search through the files before we trashed the Comms Room... And... And Tails was not listed as a Prisoner." Informed Samus. Sonic, as he heard the news, became very distraught. He started to tear up at the thought that Tails was... Gone. Forever. "You... You mean...?" Whimpered Sonic. Samus put her Hand on his Shoulder in an attempt to comfort Sonic. Sonic started to cry. Samus hated crying. Samus then pulled Sonic closer and... Hugged him! She stroked his Quils. "I'm so sorry." Samus whispered. They sat there for minutes, with Sonic crying, and Samus trying to comfort him. Eventually Sonic just stopped and stared into the distance, motionless. The whole thing had nearly brought Samus to tears aswell, but she was strong and promised her Parents to never cry. "He was my Friend... My buddy... My Brother." Sonic whimpered. Samus stroked his Quils again. "There, there... Be the strong Hedgehog you are... I know exactly what you are feeling..." Samus spoke. "You do?" Inquired Sonic. "Yes. I lost my Parents to Ridley when i was a child... It's terrible to have those you love, teared away from you." Samus replied. "I lost my Parents too... When i was a Child myself... Eggman turned them into mindless Robots... No matter how fast or strong i was... I couldn't save my own Parents!" Sonic started to cry again. Samus, even though she despised crying, knew exactly why he cried and felt no anger towards it. Sonic wasn't trained to be a brickwall to Emotions like she was. "So... That's why you run. You're running away from your Nightmares every day, arn't you?" Realised Samus. Sonic nodded. "But you just can't run from everything, you know?" Samus spoke. Sonic nodded. "Come on... Let's get out of here." Sonic mumbles as he wiped his Eyes.

They got up and began to walk towards the exit. Before they exited, Sonic stopped. "Samus?" He asked. "Yeah?" Replied Samus, as she turned around. "Thank you. For everything." Sonic smiled. "Anytime. That's a nice Smile by the way." Samus responded. Sonic gave a thumbs up. "But... Never tell anyone about that Hug... Ever." Samus spoke. "You got it." Sonic replied. Samus pressed the open button for the door. To their surprize, Ridley was waiting there. He roared and sent the two flying backwards with a swipe. They crashed into a set of crates. They stumbled back up as Ridley stalked forwards. "Little Samus, without a Power Suit, all alone." Ridley laughed as he grabbed Samus, and began to squeeze. Sonic let out a Battle Cry and charged at Ridley, unleashing a barrage of Homing Attacks. Ridley stumbled back and threw Samus. Samus regained control and used her Jet Boots to hover safely to the ground. "She is not alone! Not anymore! I'll make sure of it!" Shouted Sonic. He unleashed a barrage of Homing Attacks again. On the 12th Hit he was knocked away, but Samus jumped up and caught him. "How's that Drop?" Samus chuckled. Sonic rolled his eyes. "Disgusting cretin... I will kill you 1st, so Samus will be all alone again... Then i will kill and devour her!" Ridley roared.

Ridley flew towards them and grabbed the duo; smashing through the Ceiling, to fly them to an Arena on the Hull of the Ship. He dropped the two. Sonic postioned himself, and Samus fired up her Jet Boots, so the two landed safely. There was an Oxygen Shield around the Ship to keep lifeforms that could not breath in Space, such as Samus, from dying. Ridley landed next to two Pilons on the edge of the Arena. "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the main event!" Ridley roared. He laughed as if he was the Joker. Sonic and Samus noticed the Command Bridge of the Ship was overlooking the Arena. The Deacon, Dark Samus, Reala, Star Wolf, Dr Wily, and Ganondorf, were all aboard. Deacon (Leader of the Villians. From Prometheus) was sitting in his Throne, resting his Head on his Fist, while twirling Frostmourne around next to the Throne. Dark Samus, in her Zero Suit form, (Her Zero Suit was Black with dark Blue details and Stripes, her Hair was Purple, and her Eyes also Purple) was sitting on the Arm of Deacon's Throne, stroking his Spiked Head. She was what Amy is to Sonic, to Deacon.  The rest were sat on their own Chairs, with a Drink each, and some Popcorn. Deacon notioned for the fight to commence.

The pilons shot pure Chaos energy into Ridley, who's Purple Skin turned Gold, and Yellow Eyes turned Red. He roared. "Unlimited Power!" He cackled. He jumped down into the Arena, in his new Chaos Ridley form, and roared. Samus and Sonic, stood right next to eachother, Shoulder to Shoulder, slightly angled so they were nearly back to back aswell. "Don't hold anything back." Stated Sonic. "Hmph. With Ridley, i never do." Replied Samus. Samus activated her Laser Whip, while Sonic imitated a Boxer. This was it... The final fight. "It's time for a Death Battle!" Ridley roared.

Ridley spewed Fire from his Mouth, to which the Duo dodged. Ridley proceeded to fire Chaos Spears by swiping his Tail repeatedly. Sonic jumped out of the way of each one, and even side stepped a few. Samus dodged and rolled out of the way of most. Those she could not dodge, she used her Laser Whip to destroy or deflect. A few of the deflected ones hit Ridley, making him flinch a little. He growled and spewed out more Fire. Sonic ran in circles, creating a vortex, this turned the Fire Breath into a Fire Tornado that proceeded to assault Ridley. He grunted in frustration and used his Wings to create Winds to dispel the Flames. He flew around and landed a few times to create Chaos energy Shockwaves, that Sonic and Samus had to jump over. The duo nodded. Sonic grabbed Samus by the Wrist and spun her around. After a few swings he let go, Samus flew through the Air, using her Jet Boots to boost, when she reached Ridley she unleashed a barrage of Laser Whip strikes before kicking him in the Face and backflipping away.

Samus landed next to Sonic. "Phew... How much can he take!?" Samus questioned. "Alot more than usual." Sonic answered. Ridley used Chaos Blast, creating a large Purple dome of destructive energy. Sonic grabbed Samus and ran to the edge of the Arena to avoid them being vapourised. "Thanks." Samus spoke. "Look... That tired him out!" Sonic noted. Ridley had started to huff and puff. He flew back to the pilons to recharge. "Now is our chance!" Exclaimed Samus. Sonic and Samus got together and began the Ultra-Spindash-Attack that Sonic and Tails used too perform. (From Sonic 4: Episode 2) They propelled themselves towards Ridley and proceeded to relentlessly assault him. He stumbled and fell over the Pilons, destroying them. He tripped and fell over the side, getting his Claws stuck in the Floor.

"Ok... Now it's our turn." Sonic grinned. He Spindashed Ridley in the Face, then unleashed a volley of Kicks, followed by a Barrage of Homing Attacks, finishing with a Stomp to the Head. He jumped back and landed next to Samus. "Ok. My turn." Samus spoke. She turned her Laser Whip back into her Laser Pistol and charged forward. She unleashed a Bicycle Kick move upon Ridley's Face, hitting him 14 Times, before uppercutting him in the Chin. She jumped onto his Head and shot him. Then she grabbed a hold and unleashed 3 Charge Shots into Ridley's Mouth. She jump-kicked off of him, blasting him in the Face with her Jet Boots. She landed and turned her Laser Pistol back into her Laser Whip, then unleashed a volley of strikes. She hovered back over to Sonic, useing her Jet Boots. "Time for the big finale." Sonic cheered. They performed the Ultra-Spindash-Attack again and battered the stunned Ridley. Ridley went flying back, crashing into the Wall. He emerged from the Smoke and rubble, weakly crawling out. He roared.

"I'm taking you with me..." Ridley hissed. The front half of the Ship detached, leaving the Trio, and half of the Ship, to float in Space. Using what little Chaos he had left, Ridley turned into a Ball of Purple Chaos energy. It started to destroy anything it touched and was growing larger by the Minute. "Oh crud... We gotta get outta here." Sonic muttered. "But Sonic, i can't run as fast as you, even with my Jet Boots." Samus stated. Sonic sighed. He picked Samus up, bridal style. "Now only your Pride will be hurt." Sonic chuckled. Samus smiled. "That's a nice smile." Sonic grinned.

He jumped out of the Arena with Samus and began to run along the exterior. Pieces of wreckage was being flung at them, as Sonic ran. He side-stepped each one. The ball was quickly gaining on them. Sonic started to boost. "Wahoo!" Samus shouted. Sonic gave a smile. He continued to run and side step out of the way of Wreckage. They reached an edge. The ship was falling apart as it neared Earth. "Sonic look!" Samus spoke, as she pointed to chunks of the Ship floating by. "Arn't you worried?" Sonic asked. "If you have time to worry then run, right?" Samus replied. Sonic nodded. He jumped and landed on a Chunk. He ran along it before jumping in between two more. He triangle jumped between the two before jumping to another chunk. As he ran, what appeared to be Samus' Ship flew past. Tails was flying it! Sonic ran across the chunk before leaping towards the Ship. They landed safely on it, and Tails opened the Airlock Hatch. They jumped inside.

"Tails!? Tails! You're alive!" Sonic exclaimed with extreme joy. His best friend wasn't dead afterall."You bet i am." Tails smirked. "Thank god. I thought i had lost you buddy." Sonic replied. "I managed to escape thanks to XLR8, then i found this Ship in the Hanger Bay and managed to fix it up. I belive it is yours Miss Aran." Tails explained. "It is, thanks Tails. You saved us... Uh, Sonic? I think it's safe to put me down now." Samus responded. "Oops. Right you are." Sonic chuckled. He let Samus go. "We arn't safe just yet... As soon as that thing explodes, the Shockwave will decimate this half of the Planet." Tails informed. "What!? How do we stop it!? Did XLR8 get away!?" Sonic asked frantically. "Yes, Sonic, XLR8 escaped earlier after fighting Ravage. He gave me the Seven Emeralds to give to you. He truly is your Son, Sonic." Explained Tails. "Good. Now i gotta stop that thing." Sonic replied. Tails passed him the 7 Chaos Emeralds. They floated upwards and began to spin around him. "Alright Ridley... Now i'll show you!" Sonic exclaimed as the Emeralds created a flash. Super Sonic stood before Samus and Tails. His Golden Fur shining brightly, along with his Red Eyes. "Chaos... Control." He spoke. He reappeared outside of the Ship in a Flash of Gold Light. He turned around and gave a thumbs up. Samus and Tails did the same. In a stream of Golden Fire he shot forward with incredible speed, smashing anything the Ball threw at him to pieces. He reached the Ball. He began to smash through it repeatedly at light-speed. After 25 Smashes the Ball cried in pain. A head resembling Ridley, made of Chaos Energy, shot out and tried to swallow Super Sonic. He quickly flew out of the way. "Time for my... Final Smash!" Super Sonic exclaimed. He began to boost towards the Ridley Head, surrounding himself in Chaos Energy. As he hit the Head, he used Chaos Blast. The Golden Ball of destruction, disintergrated the Head. The ball grew smaller... It was going to explode! Super Sonc burst through it and flew into the middle of the Ball. He charged his Chaos Energy. "Chaos... Control!" He shouted. The giant Ball he created sucked the Chaos Ball into it, and in a flash it was gone.

Super Sonic weakly smiled at Samus as she looked out the Window of her Ship. He gave a thumbs up. She put her right Hand on the Window and smiled back. Super Sonic turned back into Sonic... He closed his Eyes and fell to Earth... Still with a Smile. Samus fell to her Knees and began to cry...