Hello there my fellow Wikians! Recently i have decided to start my own hand-drawn Comic series here on SNN to show you all, as most others do the same. It will be a series by the name of Sonic: Kai Z and will use the charm and story of the Sonic series, with the cast of Super Smash Bros, and the fighting style of Dragon Ball Z. I have already planned to do three Sagas. Each Saga will focus on a different Villain that the team must overcome together. Though i cannot reveal the other two secret Villains at the time, i will reveal the 1st Saga Villain. Enjoy this little promo i have put together for y'all.
Sonic Kai Z poster
Sonic Kai Z heroes poster
Sonic Kai Z villains poster
hare any thoughts or speculations you have about the series below in the comments. Questions are also welcome. Thank you! (=