Hi. Welcome to the Blog. Here i'll be discussing which Sonic is better, Modern Sonic or Boom Sonic? This is the ONLY Character in this Blog i want discussed, so please don't bring up the others.

Now Modern Sonic (Sonic Adventure 2 - Current) (I don't count SA Sonic as Modern, i count him as a Hybrid of Classic and Modern) is the current Main-series design of our beloved Blue Blur and we've all come to love him, possibly more then Classic Sonic. He's jusy Iconic and recently there's been a Redesign. Boom Sonic. Now alot of the Fans have been shocked by this and hate this Boom Sonic, but i love this design. He just looks epic, with his Brown Scarf, Slimmer figure, White wrappings and his Hair-like spikes. Now even though i do love this design, i DON'T want it in the Games, i still want Modern Sonic to be in the main series. But, i would love a second Game branch set in the Boom Universe. So i want BOTH Modern and Boom to have Games. But what do you guys think? Which design do you prefer? Do you want a Boom Game Series? Please share your thoughts on all this and more.