Hello there and welcome to our first session of 'Sonic Kai: Behind the Panels'! To get everyone on the same page here, i'll lay down a brief intro into what we will be discussing and learning about in Sonic Kai, my very own Manga series set to be an SNN exclusive series just for you guys! Because i like everyone that much to go out of my way to bring you exclusive work for all on SNN to enjoy. Here we will get an insight into the 'Lore' of Sonic Kai and its cast; we will learn about what may be in store for the gang, and we'll have a little bit of fun with speculation if you guys in the audience are up for it, we will also see exclusive concept art and promotional art, that you guys are free to use as wallpapers or posters! Let's begin! First up, Concept Art!

Only two pieces today sadly. One i hope that you guys can recognise, a character that may very well appear later down the line, but what side wil he take, what role will he serve?

And this is a character i hope you have a little fun speculating and talking about, because trust me guys, he ain't here for a LONG time to come.

Now onto the promotional art! Feel free to browse and take any you want for wallpapers or posters guys.
Sonic Kai Poster (1)
Sonic and Ryuko (2)

Fun fact, this one is based upon a Dragon Ball Z poster, can you find out which one? The characters and their persitioning might help you a little.

Hey look, it's the two true main characters! Though you'll have to wait a bit for one of 'em obviously, huh... why do i have a feeling Shadow and 'her' WON'T get on? Free internet cookie if ya know who 'she' is! Take your pick of your favorite P.A of these two...
Sonic and Ryuko (3)
Sonic and Ryuko (4)

Now onto the Trivia!

  • Mephiles will be the reason for the Smash Brothers getting a bunch of new allies from across the Multiverse, but just how exactly?
  • Shadow's Hawaiian Shirt from Issue 1 is a reference to his theorised Sonic Boom design, this shirt will actually reappear as Uncle Chuck's shirt later on.
  • Uncle Chuck is based upon Master Roshi... only he's not a pervert... maybe because he knows better considering Samus lives with Sonic and him?
  • Sonic's, soon to appear, Flying Nimbus is both a call back to Sonic Riders and Dragon Ball.
  • Uncle Chuck's beach house is based upon Kame House.
  • Sonic's NEW 'Chaos' based energy attack will be the 'Chaos Lance', a move inspired by the Kamehameha.
  • Sadako 'lives' inside Sonic's TV, though unlike her Film counterpart, has never harmed anyone, she just enjoys playing pranks on the Blue Blur and scaring him.
  • Stewie Griffin will appear.
  • Dante is technically the strongest 'Smash Brother' (however if Slender and Sonic let all of their power out, he becomes the 3rd strongest) up until Season 2 that is when a bunch of the main cast finally appear.
  • Shadow's Katana from his own game will be his signature weapon in Kai.
  • Slender Man will indeed be a Hero in Sonic Kai, being COMPLETELY different from his 'Canon' self, and if i can say anything, just imagine a serious Dante for his personality, needless to say, i hope you enjoy him when he appears.
  • As some of you may know, Sonic Kai went through a bit of development hell in the past, originally titled Sonic Kai Z, it was slated for release in 2014 and would have been much shorter (lasting only 3 Sagas) and much more grounded in Smash Brothers instead of being an all out crossover, even Stewie ; Dante, and Slender weren't going to appear! Actually, half of the already predetermined cast were no where in Kai, it was just the cast of Smash Bros and Sonic.

I hope you had fun learning about Sonic Kai, stay tuned for more Sonic Kai info and action over time! And please, feel free to comment below.