ideas for a sonic racing game on extremegear, karts, and motorcycles.


Sonic the Hedgehog (E)

Miles Tails Prower (E)

Knuckles the Echidna (M)

Shadow the Hedgehog (M)

Rouge the Bat (M)

Dr. Eggman (K)

Amy Rose (E)

Metal Sonic (M)

Silver the Hedgehog (M)

Blaze the Cat (E)

Vector the Crocidile (K)

Espio the Chameleon (M)

Charmy Bee (E)

Jet the Hawk (E)


Wave the Swallow (M)

Storm the Albratross (K)

Tikal the Echidna (E)

Chaos (K)

Marine the Racoon (K)

E-123 Omega (K)

E-102 Gamma (K)

Bean the Dynamite (E)

Bark the Polarbear (K)

Fang the Sniper (M)

Mighty the Armadillo (E)

Ray the Flying Squirrel (M)

Big the Cat (K)

Cream the Rabbit (K)

Vanilla the Rabbit (K)

Game Modes

  • Grand Prix
  • Time Trial
  • Mission Mode
  • Battle Mode
  • Multi-Player
  • Free Race


  • Spring - used as a trap. It is put on the ground and anyone who drives onto it will be sprang upward and delay their progress.
  • Spikes - Laid on the ground and will flip over anyone who touches them.
  • Barrier - Protects the user from one projectile.
  • Speed Shoes - Temporarly gives the user a speed boost.
  • Bombs - thrown at opponents in a straifght path. comes in sets of 1,2,or 3.
  • Giant Bombs - same as regular bombs, but cover more area when exploding.
  • Rings - thrown at opponents and aims. sets of 1,2, or 3
  • Rocket wisp - Automatically takes the player part way through the stage.
  • Dash Panel - Allows for a boost.
  • Chaos Emerald (Green) - gives the user temporary speed boost and invincibility.
  • Chaos Emerald (Yellow) - Teleports the user near the nearest racer.
  • Chaos Emerald (Cyan) - Slows down time for the other racers.
  • Chaos Emerald (Black) - Slows down the user. activates automatically.

Cups and Courses

Leaf Cup

  • Green Hill Zone
  • Adabat
  • Leaf Storm
  • Hydro City Zone

Chaos Cup

  • Station Square
  • Emerald Hill Zone
  • Angel Island Zone
  • Aquatic Base

Sol Cup

  • Water Palace
  • Aquarium Park
  • Spagonia
  • City Escape

Eggman Cup

  • Eggman Land
  • Egg Fleet
  • White Acroplis
  • Death Egg

Ring Cup

  • Lava Reef Zone
  • Kingdom Valley
  • Marble Garden Zone
  • Music Plant

Casino Cup

  • Holoska
  • Neon Palace Zone
  • Carnival Night
  • Dusty Desert

Speed Cup

  • Emerald Coast Zone
  • Sandopolis Zone
  • Chun-an
  • Ice Cap Zone

Special Cup

  • Wave Ocean
  • Planet wisp
  • Space Colony ARK
  • Chemical Plant Zone