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    An Idea of Mine

    November 12, 2012 by YoungOtakuNerd

    So, I was thinking, what if Archie Comics did a crossover of Sonic and Pokemon? I mean, they already did one with Mega Man.

    Now, before you start hatin' and rantin', this isn't any ordinary fanfic created by a stupid fanatic. I've got the plot and EVERYTHING:


    If starts off when Eggman is searching for ways to defeat Sonic, when he comes across the most peculiar thing.

    He reads about special creatures. These creatures are lead by people known as "trainers". Creatures that would cater to the trainer's every whim. Creatures known as "Pokemon".

    Eggman then conceives a devious plan: use a teleportation device to find the best Pokemon Trainer and bring them to Mobius. Eggman reads on to find that…

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