So, I was thinking, what if Archie Comics did a crossover of Sonic and Pokemon? I mean, they already did one with Mega Man.

Now, before you start hatin' and rantin', this isn't any ordinary fanfic created by a stupid fanatic. I've got the plot and EVERYTHING:


If starts off when Eggman is searching for ways to defeat Sonic, when he comes across the most peculiar thing.

He reads about special creatures. These creatures are lead by people known as "trainers". Creatures that would cater to the trainer's every whim. Creatures known as "Pokemon".

Eggman then conceives a devious plan: use a teleportation device to find the best Pokemon Trainer and bring them to Mobius. Eggman reads on to find that the best Pokemon Trainer is the one and only Ash Ketchum. The teleportation device brings Ash to Eggman's lab, where he is told the rest of Eggman's plan: have Ash use his Pokemon to destroy Sonic the Hedgehog. Ash is reluctant at first, but Eggman deceives Ash, giving him the impression that Soinc is evil and that Eggman's the good guy. As part of the plan, Ash must act as if he is the Mobians' friend. He befriends Amy Rose, who is happy to introduce him to Mobius. While introducing Ash to Sonic's Uncle Chuck, Amy explains that Dr. Eggman had Roboticized him, and that Eggman is the worse enemy to the citizens of Mobius. Ash realizes that he's been fooled, but feels that can't back out of Eggman's plan.

Ash is then taken in by Amy while he's on Mobius. At one point, Ash turns in early, but has trouble sleeping, which Amy notices. She checks in on him, only to hear him sleep-talking about his mission. Ash wakes up to a flusterred Amy, crying, and with a betrayed expression on her face. She then tells Ash to get out immediately. At first Ash is confused, but Amy explains she heard Ash in his sleep, and grows more furious. Ash leaves, and runs into Sonic. Sonic acts warm and kind to Ash, which only makes him collapse to the ground and cry. Sonic asks what's wrong, and Ash confesses everything. He sits and waits for Sonic to scold him, yell at him, hit him, kick the living crud out of him, but no. Sonic sees that Ash didn't know; that Ash was tricked. Sonic and Ash then confront Amy, who after an explanation apologizes to Ash.

The next day, Ash, Amy, and Sonic head out to Eggman's fortress. They confront Eggman, who is working on a project (that will be revealed soon). Ash snaps, and demands that Eggman stop with his plan and send Ash back, otherwise have he and his lab subjected to an Electric attack from Pikachu. However, Ash realizes none of his Pokemon are with him; rather, they are part of Eggman's project: to clone the Pokemon, turn them into robotic, Mobian-style killing machines, and use them to kill Sonic the Hedgehog. (As it turns out, this is what Eggman meant by using Ash's Pokemon to destroy Sonic.) Suddenly, Sonic causes a distraction, Amy smashes open the cages holding Ash's Pokemon, and Ash gathers them to help fight. Eggman sics his robotic "PokeMobians" on the three, but they persist and defeat them. They're about to give Eggman what for, but instead, Ash claims that he has enemies of his own that he usually lets live (referring to Team Rocket). The three leave, taking the teleportation device that brought Ash to Mobius with them to be repaired (because it was damaged during the fray).

This is supposed to be kind of an arc, so it will take a while to repair the teleportation device. I can't think of any other plotlines for this arc, but this will kick things off. Also, this arc while be refferenced and be part of the canon. Ash will show up in later arcs, and Team Rocket will (eventually) be involved in sequel arcs.

This is just an idea. If you don't agree with it, please do not hate or rant. But, if you have positive views, please comment.


I've been warned that Archie probably won't do this. BUT, instead, I was thinking it could be a manga collaboration of Nintendo and Sega. So, for those how want to point that out, DON'T.