Hello. This is another review blog I am doing and, with this spare time, decided to use it on writing this latest blog on the most recent episode: Don't Judge Me. Let me say that this episode was very funny and a lot of the minor/background characters were given major roles in this episode. Gotta love Comedy Chimp!

We start off the episode with a nice, peaceful night on Bygone Island...until a giant moth attacks! Run away! Oh, it's just Eggman's latest invention: The Mothbot. Nevermind. Sonic suddenly appears on the scene!

That Mothbot isn't a match for my Swat-a-pult!

Woah, did he say his Swat-a-pult? Didn't know Sonic was the inventing type! Sonic then calls for Knuckles who is carrying a rather large light bulb.

Hey, look at me! I'm having an idea!

Best. Line. Ever! I really fell out laughing after hearing that. Phew, anyways, the mothbot is distracted by the lightbulb and we have to listen to Sticks' screeching voice. Urgh. I'm not going to quote it. Let's just skip the part where Sonic defeats the mothbot with his invention.

Ow! My neck! You cheated hedgehog!

Heh...Eggman...I loved the word exchanged of Sonic and Eggman before the scene changes to daytime. Sonic is about to enjoy his rather long sandwich with Tails until someone comes up asking for Sonic. Heh, Sonic thinks he's just a fan but...

You've been served! Dr. Eggman is suing you!

Uh Sonic tries to wonder why Eggman is suing him and, wow, Soar the Eagle is now a reporter! Guess he's last job as a fitness/inseperational instructor didn't work out eh? Soar askes for a statement from Sonic...

The only thing I'm guilty of is being awesome!

Wait, Sonic is guilt of being...


Sonic is guilty of being...


Sonic is guilty of being...


Heh heh, okay. I am done! That was so funny...I think I created a new meme...I think...anyways. Soar thinks that Sonic admits to being guilty but Sonic only admitted to being...


Okay! Okay! I'm done! Promise! Anways, Sonic is taken to court and Sonic confronts Eggman.

Ah! Sonic's attacking me again unprovaked again! Leave me alone you brute!

Woah, when it comes to faking things, Eggman is the king! He IS the Eggman after all! Sonic walks off and T.W. Barker returns for a third episode! Wow, how he went from being a criminal to a procuesting lawyer I don't know. Uh boy, Knuckles is Sonic's defending lawyer. Bad news for Sonic but good news for us for the numerous of laughs we are in for!

Where'd it go?

Lol. I loved that scene. Especially when Knuckles freaked out when his arm went through the empty sandwich. Anyway, the judge appears and it's...Burnbot? No, Judgebot? Seriously though, Judgebot is just Burnbot with a powered wig lol. Wow, his voice is surprising. It's not so robotic compared to others like Orbot and Cubot's voices.

Why are there cockroaches on my bench?!

There are cockroaches in the Sonic universe!? Oh my! Anyways, T.W. Barker (introducing himself in his trademark way) wants to prove Sonic as the brute he is. Wait, did T.W. Barker refer to Sonic as Sonic T. Hedgehog? Is "The" really Sonic's middle name?, Knuckles "Boo's" Eggman and Burn-I mean Judgebot askes for an opening statement.

That was my opening statement.

Gotta love Knuckles! Later, Barker talks with Sticks but...sorry but I'm not all too interested in what she has to say. Her voice is so grating...and I have no idea what he was trying to prove..or disprove...whatever...anyways, Orbot is up next on the bench. Glad it wasn't Cubot. I can tolerate Orbot but Cubot is even more annoying that Sticks...okay...near as annoying, Barker askes Orbot if he finds Eggman kind but Orbot mistakenly says no. Lol, Eggman's growl.

Oh, because those words aren't enough! He's kinder and honestest! Good save Orbot...

Lol, that was actually funny. Anyways, we're treated to a rather funny video of Eggman being "nice". Cubot nearly gives out Eggman's play. YOU ARE ANNOYING CUBOT!!! Later, Tails is up the stand much to his reilief. Tails speaks highly of Sonic but Barker tries to tear him apart. 

Objection, your magestiy! We're losing!

Knuckles must be royality because he is the king of hiliarty! I did a lot of facepalming moments with Knuckles in this episode but he is so funny! We're suddenly treated to a Comedy Chimp segment which wasn't bad lol. Even more later, Knuckles calls...himself to the stand. A very funny exchange with himself until..

.He's scrawny, weak, and pathetic! I always have to bail him out of jams! He's an embarassment! What a loser! And, quiet frankly, it sickens me to look at him!

I loved how Sonic was building up rage and Knuckles continues to talk down to Sonic. Sonic nearly gives himself about beating Eggman. Anways, Knuckles is done and Fastidious Beaver tells Judge Burnbot (heh, see what I did there?) that the jury must deliberate.

Very well then! The jury should go to the deliberation room while the rest of us have a groovy, hippy-themed dance party!

My favorite part of this episode! Anways, Knuckles pulls a sock out of his mouth (YUCK!) and the jury is back! Judge Burnbot tries to get an answer from Fastidious Beaver.

Actually, what was the question again?

Actually, that was really funny!


Of being awesome?

Must...resist...alright! I'm cool! Anways, Judge Burnbot tries to make it offical by swinging his gavel but...

That's not a gavel, THIS is a gavel!

Suddenly Amy! But I did liked that line from her. Everyone is knocked off his feet and Eggman is revealed to be just find (of course). Eggman then sicks his Badniks upon Team Sonic! Yay! No Sticks! Team Sonic defeats the Badkinks and Eggman and Sonic clash.

I'll give you something to sue me about!

Heh. Anways, Soar pretty much closes the episode with a Comedy Chimp segment with a rather large banana.

Well, that was anti-climatic..

Heh, Comedy Chimp is awesome. Overall, this was a very good episode and it seems to get better and better lately. Sonic is great for being the only sane on during the court hearing and Eggman was funny in his own ways. I believe Knuckles stole the show with his randomness and the minor characters like T.W. Barker were effective in their appearances. Sticks kinda ruined the episode though...

  • Best Moments: Sonic, Knuckles, Eggman, T.W. Barker, Comedy Chimp, Soar the Eagle, Judge Burnbot (I call him my way!), and Fastidious Beaver's roles.
  • Worst Moments: Sticks (she was not needed in this episode)
  • Overall: 9.5/10

This episode was amazing. I wish I could give it a 10 but I can't help rewinding and get annoyed by Sticks. If she wasn't in this episode or didn't have any speaking roles, this episode would've been perfect! Well, that's it for this review! And remember, Sonic is only guilty of being AWESOME!!! #SonicGuiltyAwesome